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Buffalo Soldiers

Buffalo Soldiers

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Buffalo Soldiers, Fact based story about the all-black US Cavalry Troop H which protected the Western territories in post Civil War times. The story focuses on the troops attempts to capture an Apache warrior named Victorio who slaughters the settlers in New Mexico. Buffalo Soldiers, The film examines the racial tensions that existed between the black soldiers and some of the white soldiers and the truths about the Indian invaders.


good movie …remember it’s entertainment

Buffalo Soldiers, I enjoyed the movie, it’s good entertainment. I have to compare the movie to older westerns rather than newer movies that try to be super realistic. If you compare this with movies made up through the 1970’s then it’s good. Somewhere along the line people started demanding more accurate historical movies, and I do appreciate authenticity and accuracy.

This movie at least gets me asking questions to find out the real story… isn’t that what movies do well in the first place? Buffalo Soldiers, Those reviewers who criticize the movie as “propaganda” are looking for realism. They are also looking for “propaganda” so they can get upset about “left-wing Hollywood”, and forget that movies are first entertainment.

This movie is dark and brooding at times and takes you along with it. Buffalo Soldiers, The only complaint I have is definitely the ending where they have “Victoria” surrounded and he surrendered, his soldiers were kneeling with the rifles above their heads in surrender. All the buffalo soldiers had to do was disarm them and the climactic scene following at the end would never had happened.

It made no sense, not because it was “propaganda”, it just was a silly ending. Buffalo Soldiers, But Hollywood is full of silly endings that have no political bent…sorry, I just don’t get that twist. Sure the movie makes you think and tries to put you in the shoes and times of the Buffalo soldier and it can go over board, but so do most movies especially military movies where they try to make “heroes” and “villains” out of regular people…just to drive the story. That’s what happens here.

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