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Born To Run

Born To Run

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Born To Run  Richard Grieco plays a “local car racing badass”, who gets in with some bad guys. Races and cars, cars and races. Oh, and there is a girl in the mix, too!

Should Have Been More Popular!

Born To Run  This movie is one of my favorites because it’s a lot like Fast and The Furious, except instead of tuners there’s lots of muscle cars. It’s also a lot darker and serious then most car movies and has a pretty good primary plot line. Very cool drag racing sequences but the story definitely isn’t dominated by the “car” aspect of it. There is plenty of romance and drama as well. Richard Grieco plays a unbeatable driver who drag races a beautiful, red 1969 Ford Mustang pro street at a local track. But car people will find it pretty unrealistic that this car can’t be beaten by ANYTHING that’s at the highly crowded drag strip in the film. The drama comes from crooked business men that are corrupting the city with their sinister methods.

must see

This movie is one of the best movies showing street racing,I loved it and have watched it so many time and still love the race scenes and the story isn’t too bad but if your like me it will grow on you and make a good part of you movie collection,And as a street racer myself i love watching street racing movies and this is up their with running on empty and gone in sixty seconds. As for the cast Richard Grieco plays his part well and makes you feel for him and Shelli Lether well how cares if she can act or not just her looks and the sex scene will make up for the poor acting. and last of all the cars are the real stars a ford mustang and dodge
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