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Borderline  Jeb Maynard is a patrolman guarding the U.S.-Mexican border, whose partner and buddy Scooter has just been murdered. Maynard knows that a smuggler of illegal aliens is responsible for Scooter’s death, but the feds insist that drug dealers committed the crime. If this villainous smuggler is going to be caught, Maynard is going to have to do the dirty work himself.

Great Bronson, again…

Borderline  OK now what the hell is wrong with this great film, I’ve seen hell of a lot worse nowadays that make money too. This has a concept that is out there so i’m proud of everyone involved for bringing it to the screen. Bronson shines again with what he has to work off, i never really under-stud people slagging him off, rubbish actor…. No way, Charlie always proved he could act and he did action movies for big money, so why not, stick to what works. We all remember Charlie and miss him now we have actors that ain’t worth watching. Its a little movie that deserves a nice DVD release, so why no one bother, cause they’d prefer to release rubbish instead. Thoroughly watchable movie I recommend it. Good for rainy Sunday afrernoon

Not bad for its time

I remember when I was in grade 8, people where starting to buy VCRs, and owning one was a big deal. Dad rented one, and we picked out movies. Borderline was one of them, I thought it was pretty cool. Watching this film 19 years later I found it predicable, and a little lame. No way his truck could keep up with a Trans Am on the highway, why did the guy, with the T A, go off road where the truck has the edge. My friend Gord mentioned this, and I thought yeah. Anyways, no surprises here, but watchable.
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