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Blind Man

Blind Man

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Blind Man, (Tony Anthony) is a blind gunfighter who rides a seeing-eye horse, Boss. He is contracted for $50,000 to provide safe transport for 50 European mail-order brides who have asked miners in Lost Creek, Texas for their hands in marriage. But his business partner Skunk (Renato Romano) betrays him by allowing Domingo (Lloyd Battista), a Mexican bandit, to kidnap the women for his own purposes. Blindman heads into Mexico in pursuit, where he discovers that Domingo and his sister Sweet Mama (Magda Konopka) are using the women as a lure for an Army General (Raf Baldassarre) whom they intend to hold for ransom alongside the brides. With the aid of Pilar (Agneta Eckemyr), the unwitting object of Domingo’s brother Candy’s (Sir Ringo Starr) affections, “El General”, Boss and many, many sticks of dynamite, our anti-hero stops at nothing to get even with Domingo and his siblings and deliver on his contract.

STARS: Tony Anthony, Ringo Starr, Lloyd Battista

105 min | Western | 1971 | Color


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The ultimate Spaghetti Western!
"Blindman" has everything a Spaghetti Western fan might desire: shootouts, slimy outlaws, an idiosyncratic hero, beautiful women, and Ringo Starr! That's right, the ex-Beatle himself is prominently featured as a villain in "Blindman". The film follows our blind hero, played by Tony Anthony, in his quest to recover a group of fifty women he was contracted out to deliver to miners in Texas. What ensues is a thoroughly engaging and entertaining piece of Western cinema. Ferdinando Baldi directed the film with an even hand and Riccardo Pallottini lavishly photographed the desert scenery to great effect. Stelvio Cipriani's unique score rounds out the engaging atmosphere of "Blindman". Tony Anthony invites the viewer to come along with his character on his daunting tasks by being immediately sympathetic.
While the film may not be suited for everyone's tastes, those viewers who appreciate a film with a decidedly quirky attitude should enjoy "Blindman" quite a bit. Think of Zatoichi in the Old West by way of Italy and you have a good idea of what to expect from this film. Unabashedly politically incorrect, the film may offend some more sensitive viewers, namely militant feminists, but to this reviewer that is one more reason to seek this unique film out! And seek you will need to do, as "Blindman" is extremely rare even amongst collector's circles. If this film sounds like your cup of tea, it was later remade in an altered form in 3-D as "Comin' At Ya!" and is currently available from Rhino in DVD format and in 3-D to boot. "Blindman" is a film that cries out to be digitally remastered and released on DVD. Hopefully this will happen soon so that more Spaghetti Western fans can witness the awesome spectacle that is "Blindman". Possibly, the ultimate Spaghetti Western!

A Feast For Your Eyes!
The Europeans produced some of the most outlandish westerns and BLINDMAN exemplifies the greatest departure from the norm. Indeed, our gunslinging hero cannot see anything and relies on his horse and the generosity of strangers. A good movie always put the hero in the most perilous predicaments and "Blindman" is no exception. Not only does our hero have to compensate for his lack of vision, but he also must contend with an evil bandit (Lloyd Battista) and his army of bloodthirsty killers. Like the typical Spaghetti western, "Blindman" bristles with twists and turns galore right up to its surprise ending. Of course, as you might expect from a Continental western, the story contains savage shoot-outs and nothing but contempt for human life. Unlike most Spaghetti western protagonists, the eponymous hero--as played by Tony Anthony of "A Stranger in Town" and "The Stranger Returns"--has feet of clay and never is a step ahead of the opposition. In fact, the villains often capture him but they make the fatal mistake of not taking him seriously. This explosive western takes place on the American frontier initially as our hero searches for the hombre who double-crossed him.
Basically, his partner and he had a contract with some miners in Lost Creek, Texas, to deliver 50 mail-order brides. Since his partner double-crossed him, the villain has sold the women to another outlaw who resides in a massive fortress in Mexico. Our hero blows up his ex-partner and has a goat herder point his horse in the direction of Mexico and off he gallops to get the girls. "Blindman" is an unforgettable western, and director Ferdinando Baldi does not squander a second in this trim 83-minute saga. Interestingly, former Beatle Ringo Starr plays the villain's brother. The comeuppance that the villain gets is something to see!

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