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Beulah Land

Beulah Land

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This sweeping epic dramatized the lives of two Georgia families during the early-to-mid 1800s: the Kendricks, who resided on the Beulah Land plantation, and the Davises, who owned the Oaks plantation. Both families loved, prospered and lost during this period, and were both touched by the events of the Civil War.

STARS: Lesley Ann Warren, Michael Sarrazin, Eddie Albert

281 min | Drama | 1980 | Color


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Extra information
I voted this movie a ten because I was in it. Been too long ago now to actually remember it. I found this site when looking up info on Eddie Albert's death, God rest his soul.
Several students from Chamberlain Hunt Academy were hired as extras for this movie, I was included in this group. A friend (JJ Mitchell) and I were having lunch and the only table available at the time was where Mr. Albert was eating and talking to Burt Reynolds (not in the movie) we asked if we could sit there and they smiled and told us to have a seat. They went back to their discussion and we didn't bother them any further. We ate our lunch and when finished we left. Two young girls had seen us eating with these 2 famous actors and assumed we were famous or up and coming and asked for our autographs. We of course signed for them.
Another story was a scene where the people were leaving the town and Meredith Baxter was coming into the town. I was supposed to run across the street between some horses and up the side that Ms. Baxter was coming down. One of the horses was coming a little faster than I thought and I had to make a dash to keep from getting hit. I ran smack into Ms. Baxter. I would have knocked her down had I not caught her (I was a big guy even then). She gave me a peck on the cheek, for not knocking her to the ground I suppose.
I don't remember actually seeing myself in the movie but thought I'd pass these stories along.

Not "Supermarket Novels"
These novels were not cheap paperbacks when they first came out. I read them years ago, and to call them Supermarket novels is to do them an injustice. But also, that same person who posted that said the movie starred Lesley Ann Downe-- he didn't even get Lesley Ann Warren's name right.
I loved this movie. I bought it from about a month ago. I had planned to watch it in three or four sittings, since it ran over 4 hours, but I became so engrossed that I watched it in two sessions. It is a two disc movie. There were a lot of similarities to Gone With The Wind in the movie, but not so many in the books. I've been to Natchez, and I was happy to see a shot of "The Delta Queen." I've ridden on the Delta Queen. It used to dock at Louisville.

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