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Badman's Territory

Badman's Territory

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Badman’s Territory, After some gun play with a posse, the James Gang head for Quinto in a section of land which is not a part of America. Anyone there is beyond the law so the town is populated with outlaws. Next to arrive is Sheriff Rowley, following his brother whom the Gang have brought in injured. Rowley has no authority and gets on well enough with the James boys but is soon involved in other local goings-on, including a move to vote for annexation with Oklahoma which would allow the law well and truly in.

STARS: Randolph Scott, Ann Richards, George 'Gabby' Hayes

97 min | Western | 1946 | Color


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Randolph Scott is especially good in this one
Of course, he's always good! But there's plenty of his wonderfully subtle, understated performing style here, which his fans so like. He personifies the quiet Western hero better than anybody.
There's lots to like in this movie; good action, and you can't always tell what turns the plot is going to take. There's a crusading woman newspaper editor (check!); corrupt leading figures in the outlaw town (check!); shootouts (check!)--in short, familiar elements, but they are well presented here. The story never drags. A very worthwhile Western film to watch.

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