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At Bertram's Hotel

At Bertram's Hotel

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At Bertram’s Hotel, Miss Jane Marple is staying at an elegant hotel from her childhood compliments of her nephew Raymond. Also there is international adventurer Bess Sedgwick and Lady Selena Hazy (Joan Greenwood in her next to last performance). A doorman working at the hotel turns out to be from Bess’ past, and when he is killed, she is the prime suspect. But what does his murder have to do with the disappearance of an elderly vicar staying at the hotel, and a string of robberies over the last few months? Miss Marple must find out before the murderer strikes again!!!

STARS: Geraldine McEwan, Isabella Parriss, James Howard

84 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery | 2007 | Color


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This is a favorite.
I love this version of Marple. I love all the quirky characters in this version of Bertram's, too.

Fans of Agatha Christie will not be disappointed
If you've seen the third series so far chronologically, you may have been pleased with the way TOWARDS ZERO was left virtually untouched plot-wise, but you may feel disgusted at how many liberties were taken to alter the original story of NEMESIS. However, this episode stands out as being both moderately altered and possibly the most atmospheric episodes this series has seen so far. When I say moderately altered, it is obviously changed somewhat from the original novel (the Britten twins, Amelia Walker, Mutti etc. do not appear as they do here, for example). However, that doesn't mean that it goes to the extremities that NEMESIS faced, with a complete redesign of the book. AT BERTRAM'S HOTEL stays comparatively close to the novel while spicing it up a bit to keep viewers attentive and observant while many clues that are seen, but are left ignored, are brought together in the end. This episode is changed from a typical whodunit to a spectacle seen by viewers that has many cryptic hints twinkling in the background of several "unimportant" scenes. Unlike many of the other mysteries, where viewers have to struggle with the burden of remembering countless clues and must wait to be proved right or wrong at the end, this adventure provides enough visual hints to solve the murder on the spot and see just how clever you really are. Of course Miss Marple pieces it all together at the end, but her solution may come as a shock as to how easy the truth had been laid out. Newcomer to the series Tom McRae creates a worthy screenplay that shines, along with the superb direction, setting, and costumes. I guarantee you that this episode will not leave a bad aftertaste as did NEMESIS or other episodes in previous seasons.

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