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Assassin of the Tsar

Assassin of the Tsar

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Assassin of the Tsar A patient in a modern day mental institution believes that he is the man who assassinated Tsar Alexander in 1881 and Tsar Nicolas II in 1918. He and his doctor soon slip out of reality and are forced to relive the events of 1918 in order to break the spell. Obsessed with the past. Condemned to repeat it.

Exploration of truth

Assassin of the Tsar  A touching film about errors, duty and colors of fear.

Interesting poem about the nooks of reality, the shadows of dreams, the dust of old hours and the ghosts of some gestures.

Exploration of history and its chimeras with the Russian manner to see, describe and show the essence of a sick world at twilight of emotions.

The talks between doctor and the victim of a terrified past are not only a subtle catharsis form or an exploration of truth but exercise to discover the roots of last form of original sin, the taste of truth, the rules of past, the marks of victim’s respiration. Not a reflection in old windows but escape of spirit beyond the games of destiny or malicious accident. The characters are reflections of a strange era, specters of ambiguous desires and actors of a mad god. And only propriety, only way to be yourself is memories collection as shadow of a lost soul.

Show of memories, ladder of past, puzzle of facts and illusions, “Tsareubysta” is a very profound and subtle exercise to define the time and its shadows without shadows, masks or regrets.

Intriguing plot, fine performances, highly recommended!

In my opinion very imaginative movie, nicely depicted psychological drama that introduced a lot of interesting data and unanswered questions from Russian history. Story of this movie is well balanced mixture of reality and main character’s imagination, leaving a viewer a lot of space to separate one from the other at his own will. The plotline is smoothly and intelligently guided with interesting flashbacks, and clever dialogues. Though I would normally dislike the idea that famous British actor is hired for main role in completely Russian production, Malcolm McDowell was perfect choice for this character, and he made really great performance, fitting perfectly in the Russian surrounding. I highly recommend this movie.

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