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Amin : The Rise And Fall

Amin : The Rise And Fall

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Amin : The Rise And Fall  This biographical movie begins with a short blurb about Uganda, followed by the joyous scenes surrounding Amin’s military takeover from Milton Obote. He goes about arresting and torturing the rebels. In his freezer he keeps the heads of his rivals and says: “It is a Kaqwa way. I talk to them”. Amin then goes about having Asians expelled from Uganda saying: “Uganda is for Ugandas. There will be no more Shahs and Patels. Let them swim back.” After the infamous 1976 Entebbe hostage situation where Israeli commandos make a daring rescue of their citizens who were taken into Uganda on a hijacked plane, Amin has Dora Bloch (the only hostage the Israelis couldn’t liberate) killed. Amin then goes on to believing he is the ‘Hitler of Africa’ and promises that he will actually erect a statue in honour of his namesake “in the middle of Kampala”. Amin becomes a rather childish and sick psychopath who mixes voodoo, rape, torture, and dancing. He says things like: “I am the best lover of Africa”, “…

STARS: Joseph Olita, Thomas Baptiste, Leonard Trolley

91 min | Biography, Crime, Drama | 1981 | Color


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One of The Best Movies on The Ugandan Dictator
As a child, I lived in Kenya and remember the time when my father went to Kampala for business. But then Milton Obote was overthrown and Idi Amin came into power. A few months later, our business in Kampala had to be shut down and soon after that, Amin ordered all Indians to leave Uganda. Some came across the border into Kenya but most went to England and remained there. It was only later that the news began to come out of the Uganda on how brutal as well as cruel the Ugandan dictator really was.
In the early 1970's Idi Amin overthrew President Milton Obote. The coup was supported by many but soon they this turned ugly and Amin ordered the Indians to leave Uganda. He also started to deal with anyone who opposed him, or, said anything against him. His critics, as well as his opponents are put in prisons and are tortured and killed. At the same time he raped women and did not care for diplomacy - even on International level. At one point he orders the British Ambassdor to kneel before him and at the same time, he calls himself "The King of Scotland."
Directed by Sharad Patel, The Rise and Fall of Idi Amin, is filmed in Kenya and has multi cast, which includes the most well known Kenyan actor, who was also a newscaster on what was then "Voice of Kenya," Norbert Okare as the judge that Amin orders to be killed. Jospeh Olita has done an excellent job as "Idi Amin." If at all possible, for those who think that they can watch such a "bloody" (this is not used in swearing sense at all but in real terms of the word) film. And those who would like to know what it was like under Idi Amin, then this is a film that is worth while to watch.
As a matter of interest and as the movie was filmed in Kenya, the scene that depicts Indians leaving their businesses, homes, shops, etc, was filmed with real Indians and not actors in the capital, Naiorbi, in the area of "River Road," which at the time did consist of shops owned by Indians. A lot of the Indians were actually invited to participate in that scene. The swimming pool scene was filmed at the "Nairobi Gymnkhana," which was known as "Patel Club" as well.

Irony is,..
Most people watching this would think that they are watching a comedy. Yes, the movie is thoroughly entertaining but the reality is that, IT is historically accurate. Olita did an absolutely good job in portraying Madman Amin to the hilt. There is absolutely nothing inaccurate.
-Amin used to keep the heads of his opposer's in his refrigerator, -Amin bestowed the highest medal to his son Mwanga, -His three wives disappeared and Kay was found murdered with her hands and legs chopped off, -Amin entered the rally and every one was forbidden to overtake him even when he would stop to reap his wild oats. -Amin was a cannibal -Amin used humor to cover his atrocities.. amongst a few others.
This movie deserves more credit than given to it. It narrates the story of a man who thought that printing more money would make his country richer. I give this movie 10/10. Amin, "His Excellency President for Life, Field Marshal Alhaji Dr. Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, CBE, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Sea, and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular." (true title) was a true madman that did not deserve any display of intelligence that other movies accredit him.
Must see..

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