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Ambush At Cimarron Pass

Ambush At Cimarron Pass

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Ambush At Cimarron Pass  The survivors of an Army patrol ambushed by Indians hook up with a group of cowboys who have also been attacked, and together they try to get to safety at the fort. Unfortunately for them, they’re carrying a shipment of several dozen rifles that the Indians want, and are determined to get.


YEAR OF RELEASE : 1956  RUNNING TIME :  93 Min        Color

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Watchable story of former confederates and Yankees joining…

Ambush At Cimarron Pass  Watchable story of former confederates and Yankees joining forces to thwart off some Apache’s trying to get some repeating rifles that a traitor had sold to them. This is a very simple story that is executed very well by all involved. The idea behind it is that the Civil war has just ended but there are still hard feelings between the sides. The Yankee(northern troops) are trying to transfer some rifles and a prisoner to a nearby fort but are intercepted by some southern-folk that they think are Apache’s dressed up like them(they had been fooled by the Apache’s earlier this way). The Apache’s then steal the whole combined troops horses and have to travel by foot six days the rest of the way. The conflict in the movie has to do with these two groups getting along while the Apache’s slowly figure out how to overcome them and get the rifles. There is eventually a showdown but by this time the hard work of reconciliation has been done and the fight with the Indians is kind of anti-climatic. Clint Eastwood, in an early role, plays a young hard-hearted southern man who eventually turns to help out the crew and does a good job, but’s its the story that keeps you interested. An abrupt end is the only real downside to the movie(which appeared to be mainly because the small film company ran out of money more than anything else), but this small film delivers otherwise and is enjoyable viewing.
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