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All Men Are Liars

All Men Are Liars

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All Men Are Liars  Mick’s father, Barry, sells the family piano, causing Mick’s mother, Irene to leave. In order to raise enough money to buy the piano back, Mick dresses in his mother’s clothes and becomes Michelle to join an all-girl band that has come into town for the annual harvest festival. Angela, the leader of the band, starts to question her sexuality when she begins to fall in love with Mick/Michelle.

Delightful, really enjoyed it.

All Men Are Liars  One of the best Australian comedy films ever. It’s not just funny, it appeals to the heart as well;and not in a soppy way. The family setting is great as is the rural North Queensland atmosphere. Starring Toni Pearen ( Funniest Home Videos), David Price (tv stuff) and John Jarratt (Australia, Blue Heelers, Wolf Creek among others) the story has a pace to it that keeps building and changing in unexpected directions. It is a sister piece to that Australian hit Priscilla Queen of the Desert as it also involves a cross-dressing theme in rural Australia, but for my money the plot here is far more interesting and developed. It has the sleeper quality of Crackers and is far more entertaining than a lot of those pretentious Australian movies like Little Fish, Candy and Somersault. Get a look at it!

Very funny movie!
All Men Are Liars, I have been looking for off-beat movies and I think I found a gem in this one. We laughed through the whole movie. Was it a great, meaningful, but I don’t believe it was meant to be. It was, however, an extremely funny movie. We kept wondering if these people could ever look normal when not on the set. I really loved the Elvis guy! He is portrayed just like any typical male, crying for his wife yet still trying to make it with someone else. Then you have Irene, the long-suffering wife, who still loves him after all he’s done. Throw in two children and you have the makings of an everyday family here in the States. Maybe what made it funny for us was watching it for the first time in 2007.

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