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Adventures of Captain Fabian

Adventures of Captain Fabian

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Adventures of Captain Fabian  A sea captain becomes involved with a servant girl in early New Orleans. She sees him as a way to gain access into wealthy households.

Surprisingly…a good film with Screenplay by Errol Flynn….

Adventures of Captain Fabian  As one reviewer has already pointed out…not an adventure film. But it is a film filled with intrigue and treachery that stands up fairly well even in today’s treacherous world. I found it on an old VHS tape…the leader had broken, and I had to break into the cassette housing to repair it and make it playable. It turned out to be well worth the effort. I had never seen it before, but I will be watching it again. There are definite flaws in the storyline, but the well written script by Errol Flynn helps compensate for some of those shortcomings. It’s a story about lust, and greed and arrogance, and I think anyone who hasn’t seen the film will find it very watchable and quite entertaining. Flynn, Aggie Moorhead and Vincent Price are, alone, worth the price of admission. Ms Moorhead was somewhat cast against type in this one, but she has the full character range that helps her to pull this off in somewhat believable fashion. In old New Orleans, just before the outbreak of the Civil War, the passions were already high, and it gets steamier–in the dramatic sense–as this film goes on. A good film that had greatness in its potential, an above average script, and some very compelling performances all combine to make this a film that I can recommend without hesitation.

Entertaining Film

As stated in another review, bit of a slow mover this one. Not one of Flynn’s best. Although Flynn is credited with writing this, it is believed the he didn’t actually write any of this. In his biography “My Wicked, Wicked Ways”, he stated that he did. But others from the time dispute that claim. Who knows, Flynn did author 2 books on his own, and would have preferred to be remembered as a good writer. But, all in all, this movie is good, not the best, but good and entertaining. Vincent Price does an excellent job, Anges Morehead, is as usual very dependable and shows why she is one of the better character actors in Hollywood. Errol Flynn, to me, appears half asleep though this movie. Strange, considering he boasted he wrote it. Not much of an adventure film.. But for Flynn fans, a good film, and should be seen..
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