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A Waltz Through the Hills

A Waltz Through the Hills

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A Waltz Through the Hills, Two Australian orphans undertake a dangerous overland journey towards a ship bound for England-and their only surviving relatives. They are helped along the way by an Aboriginal man who helps them live off the land and avoid detection.

A brother and sister’s quest to avoid separation.

A Waltz Through the Hills, Sammy and Andy are orphaned and discover that they will be separated, so they run away through the Australian wilderness hoping to travel to England and join the only family they have. This movie is pretty good, in fact very good. However the only problem I have with it is that it is about 30 minutes longer than it need be. The best aspect is the detailed development of friendship between the siblings and those they encounter along the way.

A Waltz Through the Hills is a multi-award winning adventure about two young children who, after their mother dies, decide to run-away to England to stay with their only surviving relatives to avoid being sent to different orphanages. The first stage of the journey involves walking 107 kms from an inland West Australian wheat belt town to Perth. They are befriended by a young Aboriginal man and his family, survive a bush-fire, eat off the land and eventually reach Perth to media and public acclaim and relief.

Western Australia, 1954. Facing uncertainty, 11 year-old orphan Andy Dean and his 5 year-old sister fear that they will be separated and placed in foster homes. Determined to take charge of their own destiny, they set of alone on foot with the hope of reaching a ship that will take them to England and onto their only surviving relatives. Aided by thoughtful local Frank Smith (Ernie Dingo, Bran Nue Dae), the two young runaways face all manner of adversity and peril as they journey through some of Australia’s toughest countryside.

Based on the novel by G.M Glaskin and from the producer of Tracks of Glory and Ship To Shore, A Waltz Through The Hills is a touching Australian bush tale of sibling dedication and childhood adventure.

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