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A Smoky Mountain Christmas

A Smoky Mountain Christmas

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A Smoky Mountain Christmas,  A country and western singer on a trip through the Tennessee mountains runs into a reclusive backwoodsman, and a witch. Seven orphans and a country singer. It’ll take a Christmas miracle to keep them together.

Smokey mountain Christmas-greatest Christmas movie of all time

A Smoky Mountain Christmas, I had just turned 4 when this movie was first released and I remember watching it at least 50 times since, but sure it has been more! I absolutely loved this warm Christmas story and how it brought them all together like a real family! Was so great! I am very grateful to have had the privilege of sharing such a movie in my lifetime and plan to share this movie with my own son time and again! You just don’t see movies like that made anymore. Such a shame! It shows how love and trust in any family, blood or not, takes some time and patience. But is well worth it all in the end! Also it’s just all around a great family movie for any age. As I had said before, I loved it when I was a kid and am planning to share it with my own kids as time goes on. I recommend to anyone looking for something that the whole family can enjoy this holiday to watch A Smoky Mountian Christmas! It’s sure to warm your heart and put a smile on your face! So when you’re looking for the right movie this Christmas season, don’t forget to run out and pick up your copy! Enjoy and happy holidays!

A smoky mountain Christmas

A Smoky Mountain Christmas, Dolly and Lee majors in Smoky Mountain Christmas is my favorite movie when I had my VCR I would watch it all year round now I can’t watch it any more cause I don’t have a VCR and you don’t sell it on DVD I really wish you would make it on DVD so I can start watching it again i really miss watching please. The movie at times it real sad I start to cry but watching more of it then it makes you happy again. me and my daughter watched it together all the time. She asked me the other day if they make it on DVD so we could watch it. Its the best Christmas movie I have ever watch and I really love watching it over and over. I think Dolly Parton and Lee Majors are very good actors together.


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