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A Season For Miracles

A Season For Miracles

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A Season For Miracles  When a young woman’s niece and nephew are threatened with foster care after her sister is hospitalized following yet another overdose, she flees with them until they land in the sleepy town of Bethlehem just before Christmas and a series of kindnesses and coincidences gives the trio a chance at happiness.

Love it !!!! Feel good movie of all time…

A Season For Miracles  Whenever I feel like I need a pick me up, this is the one that goes into the machine…love, love, love it…never go wrong if you enjoy miracles and you believe…click your heels 3 times….another one is “It’s a Wonderful Life…” The Bishop’s Wife, Christmas in Conn…it appears this website will not allow you to post your comments unless their are 10 lines, so I am just writing now to fill up those ten lines :-)So I am babbling on, but you will truly enjoy this movie. It has everything for the family. For the kids, the parents, the grandparents, heck, even the-in-laws. THe story is woven around a lovely young woman who takes her sister’s children away from the authorities and want to bring them to a place where they can have a better life. Hopefully this is enough to post….

I loved this movie!

This movie to me is so special that I can view it over and over and never get tired of it. It has become something I enjoy watching not only at Christmas but many times a year when I need a ‘feel good’ kind of movie. The actors do an amazing job of drawing you in and making you feel as if you are a part of the storyline. It is certainly worth buying if you have not taped it since it is one of the sweetest holiday movies I’ve seen in recent years. It is a family film showing the harsh side of life while giving hope that goodness can come out of a difficult struggle if you have the support and strength to get through it. My family and I will enjoy this movie for many years to come.

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