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A Man Betrayed

A Man Betrayed

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A Man Betrayed  Country lawyer Lynn Hollister comes to the city to investigate the murder of a friend found shot after spending the evening in The Inferno, a night club that fronts for an illicit gambling operation. It is covertly run by an affable but corrupt politician, ‘Boss’ Tom Cameron, who uses voter fraud to maintain influence on city hall and the governor’s mansion. Hollister learns that his friend was a winner in a dice game on the night of the murder and threatened exposure of Cameron’s vice racket. Complications arise when other underworld forces vie to take over Cameron’s operation, and Holister falls in love with Cameron’s beautiful daughter.

pleasantly surprised

A Man Betrayed  Going out for the day and seeing the BBC had a John Wayne movie on for the afternoon I left and set the tape running. Later I started to watch it expecting a western, I was disappointed at first and then pleasantly surprised. I have seen very few John Wayne movies that were not westerns and not always good but this I enjoyed. Good storyline and a plot which was well thought out. This is the first time I have seen Frances Dee and she was very convincing in her conflict of emotions in loyalty to her father and love for the “Duke”. Edward Ellis was wooden but he was old school so I could put up with that. Ward Bond was unnerving in his role as the simple-minded killer henchman. I shall keep the tape and look for more Frances Dee movies, a good actress easy on the eye – and married for 57 years to the same man – respect!!

A charming performance


John Wayne has the ability to shine through even the poorest of scripts. Its an interesting story where the Duke has to deal with his morals and conscience when moving to a corrupt city and falls in love with a dirty politicians daughter.

Francis Dee and Wayne have good on screen chemistry but this can be seen as the strength of Waynes acting rather Dees performance.

The show has the classic 40s slapstick comic relief. If you want to sit with some Wayne nostalgia then you will enjoy this movie. But if your looking for an exciting story with a well written script and good acting, then don’t rush to this movie. It not a classic of the 40s, but its a classic example of 40s movies 🙂

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