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A Christmas Wedding Date

A Christmas Wedding Date

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A Christmas Wedding Date  After being fired, Rebecca hours back to her old home town to attend her friends wedding on Christmas Eve and visit her mother. But when she tries to return home she finds she must relive Christmas Eve over and over until she gets it right.

I loved this movie and the song towards the end.

A Christmas Wedding Date  I thought this movie that showed on ION was really cute. The movie is about a guy and a girl who reunite years later at a wedding. I thought the movie was cute and I like the actress Maria Sokoloff (The Flower Girl). Some parts were predictable but I like romance Christmas movies, and this is one of my favorites this year. She also tries to become close to her estranged mother who she has ignored for years. I like how she realizes things are not really up to her and can’t force things to happen, which I liked about the movie.

Love this movie

Really enjoyed the cast, enjoyed the story line.The main character grows which I like and gets into trouble without the consequences, but at the same time learns her loved ones don’t want her in trouble.She grows,matures and realizes that she can even let herself care and grow and starts to improve herself, think of others,learns to be kind and loving. Wish George was just a person who has an interest in her and can interrupt her life by warning her. Enormously happy that the theme is around how the past people intertwine as a new group. that the theme is not really crissmassy since there are a lot of dumb bits of Xmas silly movies. love how the main character later leaves the scene of the immature acts that the best man should have stopped. glad the cheating with molly is cleared up. Love her former/presentj boyfriend. He is wonderful and patient with her antics. And glad they are marrying.

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