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A Change Of Seasons,DVD, Catherine Marshall Novel

A Change Of Seasons,DVD, Catherine Marshall Novel

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A Change Of Seasons, The first night of the miniseries “Christy: A Change of Seasons” written by Catherine Mashall, centers on the deadly typhoid epidemic, the most pivotal point in the novel’s adaptation. The disease preys upon the mountain folk in isolated Cutter Gap causing enormous terror, suffering and leaving tragedy in its wake. For many generations superstition has led the isolated mountain folk to believe that all real danger comes from outside the cove. MacNeill exhausts himself caring for them, trying to get them to see that their own water and lack of sanitation is making them sick. The tragic death of her cherished friend, Fairlight Spencer (INGRID TORRENCE) affects Christy in cathartic and intimate ways, sending her into an emotional tailspin, catapulting her into a primal crisis of faith questioning the fairness and even the existence of God. She leans on Grantland’s faith and accepts his proposal.


A Change Of Seasons, I really liked this show. The only thing is that I watched it on Hallmark Channel, and in here, sometimes this network cuts the movies so they can fit them in the two hour range they have. So, even though I watched the two parts, I´m not really sure if all the pieces that I find missing, are really missing or if it is a problem of the network. All in all, with missing pieces and all, I find it a pretty well acted tale, with a great story, romantic where it should be romantic, and tragic where it should be tragic. I tape it, and if I can find an original copy, I´ll buy it.

Great family entertainment!

At long last, an extremely satisfying and very romantic conclusion to the CBS series! Fans fought for over 5 years to bring back Christy after an abrupt cancellation in 1995 and their wish came true in 2001. Part 1 of Christy: Choices of the Heart deals with the typhoid epidemic and it’s aftermath while Part 2 deals with a terrifying storm which affects the inhabitants of Cutter and also ultimately reflects the “storm” in Christy’s heart over the two men in her life.

Lauren Lee Smith takes over from Kellie Martin in the title role and radiates both innocence and maturity as Christy. James Waterston takes over from Randall Batinkoff as gives a sympathetic performance as Reverend David Grantland. Stewart Finlay-McLennan returns as Dr. Neil MacNeill from the CBS series and is just totally, and I mean totally outstanding and at his “zenith” in the role! I don’t wish to give away any plot details but you have to see parts 1 and 2 together to thoroughly enjoy this adaptation of CM’s novel. Kudos especially to returning cast members Mike Hickman as Bird’s-Eye Taylor, Dale Dickey as Opal McHone, Andy Stahl as Tom McHone, and Bruce McKinnon as Jeb Spencer.

A New Beginning

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