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40 Guns To Apache Pass, Classic Western DVD, Audie Murphy

40 Guns To Apache Pass, Classic Western DVD, Audie Murphy

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ACTORS : Audie Murphy, Michael Burns, Kenneth Tobey

YEAR OF RELEASE : 1967  RUNNING TIME : 95 min  LANGUAGE : English Color

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40 Guns To Apache Pass  In 1868 Arizona the Apaches led by Cochise are on a warpath and U.S. Army Captain Bruce Coburn is tasked with protecting settlers on their way to Apache Wells. A group of undisciplined soldiers, led by corporal Bodine, make Coburn’s task more difficult. When they’re sent after a shipment of repeating rifles Bodine and four others steal the weapons and desert. Captain Coburn manages to return to Apache Wells where he vows to capture Bodine and his fellow deserters. Meanwhile, Bodine mets Cochise to negotiate the sale of the stolen repeating rifles without knowing that Captain Coburn has recovered the stolen weapons and has killed the other deserters. Cochise and Bodine chase after Captain Coburn in an attempt to recuperate the rifles which both the Apaches and the settlers need in order to prevail. A race against time ensues. He had to get the guns through … if he had to take on the whole Apache nation to do it !

Great movie

40 Guns To Apache Pass  I have always liked this film from the opening commentary to set up the feel of film to the exciting ending. Audie looked good as the officer although he always looked young(but just remember what in did in WW2 23 years earlier). The rest of the outfit were appropriately scruffy. In westerns it’s often the supporting cast of heavies that make a film & Kenneth Tobey is great as the bad guy. Watching this film the other day i still found that it held my attention all the way thru. The indians looked like how i would expect apaches to look. The landscape is my personal favourite setting for a western.

Although the story is somewhat routine its the scenery, action, & support cast that make a western really stand out so therefore this STANDS out so when you get the chance sit back & enjoy. But always remember that while there’s thousands of westerns that have been made not that many have the big three ACTION SCENERY & SUPPORTING CAST. IF YOU LIKE THIS TRY DUEL AT DIABLO.

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