Trinity Is Still My Name


Bambino tries to teach his brother Trinity how to become an outlaw, but the two wind up saving a pioneer family and breaking up an arms ring instead.

ACTORS : Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, Yanti Somer


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Trinity Is Still My Name, A couple of two-bit thieving brothers try and keep a promise to their dying father: stick together and become successful outlaws. Bambino reluctantly agrees to show younger Trinity the ropes, but their gentle demeanors tend to diminish their haul by repeatedly helping the selfsame family they initially held up. Fun ensues in town and at the local Spanish mission where they are taken for federal agents, mistakenly so identified by Trinity’s young love interest, daughter of the aforementioned family.

A Perfect Sequel

Trinity Is Still My Name, A great sequel to the film series. Trinity and Bambino are back in another humors adventure. The laughs did not stop with the first film – they flowed right into this second film. This is spaghetti western at it’s finest – or should I say funniest? Well worth watching if you liked “They Call Me Trinity”.

I appreciate good comedy films and I will tell you the Trinity saga is well worth watching. And this is coming from someone who does not like most western films.

If you enjoyed the first two films in the Trinity series then you must see “My Name is Nobody” (the third film) because it is just as funny as the first two films. — NOTHING LOST!

Better Than the First Trinity!
Rarely do sequels with twice as much material and a bigger budget top their predecessors,but E.B. Clutcher’s “Trinity Is STILL My Name” surpasses his surprise hit “They Call Me Trinity.” Terence Hill reprises his role as the smelly, unwashed, sharp-shooter who prefers to travel on a travois behind his horse. Returning with Hill is beefy Bud Spencer. The first “Trinity” thumbed its nose at all the western conventions and was hilariously funny. Miraculous, Barboni takes the same two protagonists and sticks them into funnier predicaments with just as much laughter. The scene when Trinity and Bambino dine in the elegant hotel dining room is fabulous.

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