The Norliss Tapes


An investigative reporter stumbles onto an artist that has made a pact to come back after his death to sculpt a statue of a demon using human blood and clay. Once the demon is awakened he will be granted immortality.

ACTORS : Roy Thinnes, Don Porter, Angie Dickinson


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The Norliss Tapes  A newspaper publisher listens to the personal tapes of investigative reporter David Norliss, who has disappeared during an investigation. The tapes tell the story of that investigation, involving a recent widow whose late husband has been seen working in his private studio. As Norliss and the widow investigate, they unravel a plot involving Voodoo and the walking dead.

YIKES! One of the greats!

The Norliss Tapes  When it came to dispensing chills on TV in the ’60s & ’70s, Dan Curtis was the man!

His Dark Shadows vampire soap opera was innovative, but it was THE NIGHT STALKER (1972) TV movie with Darren McGavin and its subsequent follow-up TV movie, THE NIGHT STRANGLER and Night Stalker TV series which earned him his reputation as a Big Time chill-despensing master.

Then came THE NORLISS TAPES…WHOA! This is one scary movie!

Up in beautiful, rainy Marin County, Roy Thinnes investigates the possibility that a recently deceased artist isn’t necessarily dead.

I’m not going to give away a thing other than to say that if scary movies are your thing, this one will ring your bell! Do not miss it.

A great TV movie.

The Norliss Tapes  I remember seeing this tv movie twice in my early teens and remember it being very scarey at the time.The supernatural content was quite compelling and the acting for a tv movie was above average.I notice it is not available on VHS or DVD.I assume because of a lack of knowledge,popularity and possibly rights to the movie.I sure wish they would bring out a DVD version a.s.a.p.I’d buy a copy immediately.I’d love to see this movie again,especially because it was over 20 years ago since I last viewed it.Always a mark of a good movie if it sticks in your mind for that long!

One of the best movies of the 70’s

This was one of the best made-for-tv-movies of the 70’s. Why it wasn’t continued into a series or trilogy is a mystery, as the ending left you dangling! Superb acting made this a true thriller. If anyone knows where a copy of this movie can be obtained, please post on this comment board. It is never shown on television, which is a shame indeed! Such a waste of some wonderful entertainment!

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