The Moving Finger


Troubled war veteran Jerry Burton and his sister Joanna rent a cottage in a seemingly tranquil English village which is plagued by a spate of poison pen letters… and murder.

ACTORS : Geraldine McEwan, James D’Arcy, Ken Russell, Frances de la Tour


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When troubled war veteran Jerry Burton and his sister Joanna relocate to the quiet little village of Lymstock in order to allow Jerry to recuperate from injuries received in what he claims is a motorcycle accident, they are expecting nothing more than country sleepiness and tedium. Much to their surprise, however, they find themselves embroiled in the middle of scandal and secrets; someone is sending vicious poison-pen letters to the residents. A local dignitary has already taken his own life over the letters, and it’s not long before local gossip Mona Symmington also commits suicide after receiving a letter. But when the letter-writer apparently resorts to murder, Jerry finds his curiosity stoked despite himself, and he’s not the only one; Miss Jane Marple is also in Lymstock, and she’s decided that it’s long past time someone got to the bottom of this unpleasant business.

Slick, Stylish And Bang Up To Date

A pretty faithful adaptation with only minor scale changes. The Moving Finger is one of my favourite Christie novels, there is no much spite in it, it’s quite a nasty story, that spite is brilliantly realised here.

Once again idyllic village life is shown, bright skies, everyone smiling, beautiful country life, but underneath the veneers are the poison pen letters, and murder.

Christie wrote her characters as big and bold, they really are that here.

As usual it looks rather wonderful, the settings are glorious. The fashions and clothes are spot on, Emilia Fox gets to wear some stunning outfits, you can see she enjoyed the production. Some really smart and slick dialogue, some of the chat is brilliant. The filming too is really slick, it’s very interesting to watch. I also like how James D’Arcy part narrates it. The music is always appropriate it builds the tension.

Some interesting casting, we’ll start with the unusual choices, Ken Russell, a rather surprising choice to play a man of the cloth, I would have said a better choice could have been made. Kelly Brook, shows that she can act, that she’s not just there to look heavenly (which of course she does!)

As for the more traditional casting, I think the episode is stolen by Harry Enfield, known more as a man of comedy I thought he was excellent. I loved Emilia Fox, Frances de la Tour and of course Geraldine too, she’s a brilliant Jane Marple.

I loved it, 10/10.

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