The Babysitter


An Assistant District Attorney is about to prosecute members of a motorcycle gang for murder when he gets blackmailed because of an affair with a teenage babysitter.

ACTORS : Patricia Wymer, George E. Carey, Anne Bellamy


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Babysitter Candy Wilson (Patricia Wymer) is driven home by assistant district attorney George Maxwell (George E. Cary) after she has been sitting with the baby of George and his wife, Edith Maxwell (Ann Bellamy), who have been playing bridge. At a drive-in restaurant Candy tries to “turn him on”, succeeds and observes, “You and your wife aren’t making it, are you?” George has been assigned to prosecute Laurence Mackey (Robert Tessier), accused killer of Doris (Ruth Nooman) in a brutal gang slaying. Marckey’s girl friend Julie Freeman (Cathy Williams)plans to get him off by getting evidence on Maxwell’s lesbian daughter Joan (Sheri Jackson). But she runs on to something bigger: Maxwell’s affair with Candy, trails them everywhere and gets incriminating pictures. Summoned to Julie’s beach pad, Maxwell sees the pictures and Juie says she will send them to his boss, district attorney Raymond Willas (Ken Hooker) and to his wife if Maxwell doesn’t drop the case against Mackey.

Surprisingly hard-edged Patricia Wymer cult film

This familiar story of an older man/younger woman is surprisingly hard-edged. Bikers, hippies, free love and jail bait mix surprisingly well in this forgotten black-and-white indie effort. Lead actress Patricia Wymer, as the titular “Candy,” gives the finest performance of her career (spanning all of 3 drive-in epics). Wymer was precocious and fetching in THE YOUNG GRADUATES (1971), but gives a more serious performance in THE BABYSITTER. The occasional violence and periodic nudity are somewhat surprising, but well-handled by the director. Leads Wymer and George E. Carey sell the May/December romance believably. There are enough similarities between THE BABYSITTER and THE YOUNG GRADUATES to make one wonder if the same director helmed the latter film as well. Patricia Wymer, where are you?

Not Bad of its Kind

A teenage babysitter seduces a middle-age assistant DA, causing trouble with his wife, and also causing him to be blackmailed by a biker’s girl who wants her guy acquitted of murder charges.

Sure, the flick never rises above cheap exploitation. And I could have done without hints of masochistic sex. Still, the 70-minutes is rather competently made considering its campy genre. The editing is smoothly done, the settings well-chosen, while Carey and Bellamy do well as the quarreling married couple. Even the plot manages a few wrinkles beyond the clichéd teen-age temptress and older man. Too bad Wymer (Candy) looks the part, but has trouble with her lines. There’s also a 60’s counter-culture subtext where Candy tempts middle-age George with the hippie credo of “free love”. George finds this seductive, as did many of his buttoned-down generation. Anyway, for fans of 36-C and 38-D, there’s ample exposure. Otherwise, it’s drive-in forgettable.

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