After the fall of Tobruk in 1942, during the Allied retreat in the Libyan desert, an American tank picks-up a motley group of survivors but they face advancing Germans and a lack of water.

ACTORS :   Humphrey Bogart, Bruce Bennett, J. Carrol Naish


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Sahara  Sergeant Joe Gunn and his tank crew pick up five British soldiers, a Frenchman and a Sudanese man with an Italian prisoner crossing the Libyan Desert to rejoin their command after the fall of Tobruk. They and the Germans are greatly in need of water.

“We stopped them at El Alamein.”

Sahara  Excellent WW2 film about a small group of soldiers fighting off Nazis in the Sahara desert. Humphrey Bogart plays an American tank commander who, along with his crew, picks up several Allied soldiers and a couple of Axis prisoners. Eventually they find water in a well by the ruins of an old fort. When the Nazis come looking for the same well, the soldiers have to decide whether to run or fight.

Sahara Terrific cast backing up Bogie. Special mention for Rex Ingram, J. Carrol Naish, and Bruce Bennett. Solid script and direction. Nicely photographed by Rudolph Maté with a good Miklós Rózsa score. Humphrey Bogart starred in some great WW2 movies. Most of them were made for Warner Bros. but this one was made at Columbia. I think this is the best WW2 movie they put out and it’s on par with anything made at the other studios. A strong dramatic film with great characters and exciting action. One Bogie fans won’t want to pass up. Sahara

A first-rate War film, with a masterful musical score…

Sahara is a first-rate War film, well directed by Zoltan Korda, which qualitatively balanced its superb action sequences with penetrating character studies…

Bogart is seen as a tank commander who, when separated from his unit in the Libyan Desert, picks up a group of allied (and eventually several enemy) stragglers and heads out in search of badly needed water… Once they arrive at a nearly dry oasis, and after he learns that a motorized battalion of Germans is also after the water, Bogart decides to make a valiant stand…

Bogart’s characterization is excellent as he gave what many considered to be the most realistic portrait of the truly “American” fighting man yet pictured on the screen… Sahara

Assisting in the overall success of “Sahara” was a masterful musical score by Miklos Rozsa, who did similar duty the same year in another “tank” picture, Billy Wilder’s “Five Graves to Cairo.”


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