Beginning at a 30-year reunion for members of a military nuclear bomb unit, flashbacks are presented that follow the attempts of Major Jesse Marcel to discover the truth about strange debris found on a local rancher’s field in July of 1947. Told by his superiors that what he has found is nothing more than a downed weather balloon, Marcel maintains his military duty until the weight of the truth, however out of this world it may be, forces him to piece together what really occurred. Adapted from real-life events portrayed in the book _UFO Crash at Roswell_ by Kevin Randle and Donald Schmitt.

ACTORS: Kyle MacLachlan, Martin Sheen, Dwight Yoakam


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Well told even for ones that don’t know the truth
Roswell, When it comes to discoveries about aliens few are more famous than the ones that happened in Roswell in the summer of 1947. This event returned to notoriety with this made for TV movie and it’s probably one of the best about the topic.

It begins at a dinner for veterans of a military bomb unit. Jesse Marcel (Kyle MacLachlan) is a retired Army Air Force Intelligence officer who finds himself returning to the case 30 years later. Then the story moves in flashbacks: rancher Mac Brazel (Dwight Yoakam) found accidentally some strange debris in his ranch. Soon Marcel and a few others take it to the military base for investigating where it came from: many won’t believe Marcel in his battle for the search of truth about that debris except for Lewis Rickett (Peter McNicol) and the mysterious Townsend (Martin Sheen) who has the first contact with an alien from Roswell.

It’s a decent TV movie considering the subject matter and it gives a nice view for folks that are curious about the story or want to know more. Kyle MacLachlan and Martin Sheen shine despite the latter has some sort of cameo even tho he is in the posters. The supporting cast is full of faces many movie lovers would recognize: Dwight Yoakam, John M. Jackson, Bob Gunton and a few others are all well suited for the roles. It’s also quite nostalgic in its own way. Not to be missed.

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