McGee and Me! Complete Series


This series is intended to help Christian children grow in The Lord. It is about a normal boy and his imaginary friend, McGee and how they use The Bible to make it through the pitfalls of growing up.

ACTORS :  Joseph Dammann, Terry Bozeman, Vaughn Taylor


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McGee and Me! Complete Series The lead character in McGee and Me! is an 11 year old cartoonist Nicholas “Nick” Martin who draws a character named McGee who helps him through his struggles at home and school, with a little extra help from the Bible. (Nick sometimes puts McGee into Bible-based cartoons to help work through his dramatic problems). The series was shot in Hollywood and featured Joseph Dammann as Nick Martin, with guest stars like Orel Hershiser, Dick Van Patten, Carol Lawrence, Grant Goodeve, and Jerry Houser. The first McGee was launched in 1989. Although shot on film, McGee and Me! was the first made-for-video production to air on network television (ABC-TV), and was a winner of over twenty awards. McGee and Me! Complete Series


McGee and Me! Complete Series

  1. “The Big Lie” – Eleven-year-old Nick, along with his parents and 14-year-old sister Sarah and little sister Jamie, moves into his grandmother’s house in Eastfield, Indiana. In an effort to make friends and avoid a bully, Louis tells lies about George Ravenhill’s house, Nick sneaks into the old man’s cellar, scares himself, and Louis, Renee and the kids at school create stories about the encounter that spiral into lies. Derrick and his friends wreck the house and Nick is forced to clean it up as punishment. His dad helps him learn an important lesson about lying, elders, fear, speaking up, and bullying.
  2. “A Star in the Breaking” – Nick, his mom, and his cartoon pal McGee learn a lesson in humility when the fame and popularity of being on a game show goes to Nick’s head.
  3. “The Not-So-Great Escape” – Nick wants to go with Louis to see “Night Of The Blood Freaks Part 4” in theaters. His parents forbid him to go, saying that the movie’s nothing but garbage, and they ground him for arguing and talking back (and telling his sister to shut up). Nick sneaks out, betrays and disobeys his parents, regrets seeing the movie, and gets punished more by doing extra chores this week. In this episode, Nick learns the lesson of honoring your father and mother, and making right choices.
  4. “Skate Expectations” – After trying to protect a geeky boy, Phillip, from Derrick and his friends, Nick finds himself in a skateboarding contest, even though he isn’t that good at it. He practices, but on the day of the race, Derrick’s friends try to sabotage it. However, Nick’s friends notice and even though he loses the race, they disqualify Derrick and so he does end up winning. He learns about cheating, practice, friendship, and standing up for others.
  5. “Twister and Shout” – One Friday night, Nick and Sarah are staying home alone while their parents are out of town. With Louis and Renee staying over as well, Sarah is left in charge, which leads to ensuing conflict between her and Nick. However this quickly fades when the kids face the news of an impending tornado, and in the process they deal with fear and faith in God.
  6. “Back to the Drawing Board” – Nick and Todd, both talented artists, compete for a coveted spot and reward in a contest. Neither win, but both learn the meaning of good sportsmanship and fair competition.
  7. “Do the Bright Thing” – Nick and the others learn another life lesson on making wise decisions, especially when Nick was planning on buying a new drawing table before settling on a sketch pad.
  8. “Take Me Out of the Ball Game” – Sarah tells Nick to learn to trust God rather than men as underdog Eastfield Braves battle the Dodgers.
  9. “Twas the Fight Before Christmas” – Nick, Louis, and Derrick are cast to play the Three Wise Men in the school’s Christmas pageant, but Derrick wants nothing to do with the play. When Nick sees Derrick hanging out with a gang of thieves, he decides to check in on Derrick and discovers why Derrick is such a bully: Derrick has an abusive father and is involved with a gang member named Ray. When Nick shows Derrick a bit of kindness, Derrick begins to have a change of heart and, after performing in the school play, ends up saving Nick’s life when Ray attacks Nick in an alley. Derrick fights Ray off and Nick thanks him, with the two ending on good terms with each other.

The New Adventures of McGee and Me! (1993)

  1. “In the Nick of Time”[5] – Nick, Phillip and Renee join their fathers on a mountain climbing trip to California. While Phillip’s prankster father puts Phillip and the rest of the group on edge, and Renee’s father hopes to catch up on lost time since moving to California some years earlier following his divorce from Renee’s mother, in a way much to Renee’s dismay. Nick deals with a staggering fear of heights. This fear is pushed to the ultimate limit when Nick must rescue his father after falling off a cliff. In the process, Nick learns about courage and believing in yourself.
  2. “The Blunder Years” – Nick is taken under the wing of Rex Rogers, the most popular guy in junior high, who shows Nick how to act “cool”, straining Nick’s relationship both with his parents and with his real friends, Renee, Phillip, and Jordan. The new and improved Derrick must help Nick learn a lesson in peer pressure by reminding him who his true friends are.
  3. “Beauty in the Least” – Nick and his family learn to “love your neighbor as yourself”.[6] Much to everyone’s dismay, Nick’s Romanian pen pal and his father pay a surprise visit to the Martins, just in time for Thanksgiving. Even though the two visitors seem like an inconvenience, they eventually teach the family a lesson in love, hospitality, and the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

Special (1995)

  1. McGee TV: Out of Control – In this compilation of many of the previous episodes’ animated McGee segments and a few of the live action sequences, McGee hosts his own brand new TV network, McGee TV, featuring all new computer-animated sequences accompanied by an announcer voice (provided by Townsend Coleman). As McGee tries to operate his network, things get out of hand as the task soon becomes more than he can handle.

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