Macho Callahan


Macho Callahan breaks out of a Confederate military prison, intent on revenge against the man responsible for his imprisonment. Unfortunately, along the way, he kills another man and that man’s vengeful widow tracks down Callahan.

ACTORS :  David Jansen, Jean Seberg, Lee.J. Cobb


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Macho Callahan, A man tricked into enlisting in the Confederate army is later thrown into a hellish stockade on desertion charges. He eventually breaks out of the prison camp, reunites with his old partner and sets out to kill the man who was responsible for his being in the camp in the first place. However, after accidentally killing a Confederate officer, he finds himself pursued by a gang of vicious bounty hunters intent on collecting the reward put up by the dead officer’s widow.
Was impressed with the movie.
Macho Callahan, Got the video and watched it and realized I’d seen it before but it was a long time ago–or at least the beginning of it.
Anyway, I was impressed with watching it the second time. I thought David Janssen was excellent and made a really convincing cowboy/gunfighter/escaped POW from a Confederate prison. The plot was a good one. After escaping, he goes after the man who got him sent to prison in a round about way and then lynches the hombre (Lee J. Cobb) from a pole in town during the night. Jean Seberg, who does an excellent job also of the bereaved wife whose husband has been killed by Janssen, is after Janssen and has posted a bounty for him. She finally meets up with him, tries to kill him, and gets raped for her effort. But the ending will surprise you.

” It isn’t every day, one gets to meet a woman, bent of killing him “

In the original novel by Richard Carr and later in the movie directed by Bernard L. Kowaski, viewing audiences get to meet Diego Callahan played by David Janssen. He is a solid man not easily taken as a fool. However, A shifty eyed Government agent (Lee J. Cobb) tricks Callahan into signing an enlistment form to join the Confederate Army. later, Callahan finds himself in solitary punishment box for attempting to escape. Still, much later he manages to escape to hunt down the agent. In the interim, he crosses a Confederate Office (David Carradine) over a bottle of Champane, killing him in the process. The wife (Jean Seberg) of the dead man posts a large reward to anyone who will hunt down a kill Callahan. On the run, the hunted man and his Mexican friend (Pedro Armendariz Jr.) traveling to Mexico find themselves pursued by friends of the wife, reward seekers and gun packing lawmen. All in all, an interesting picture for Janssen, despite it being a bit dark. Nevertheless, I would recommend it as a milestone for him and those who join him in the cast, which include, James Booth, Bo Hopkins and Richard Anderson.

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