Love’s Everlasting Courage


In the early west, a young husband’s trials in raising his child after his wife’s unexpected death.

ACTORS  :  Wes Brown, Cheryl Ladd, Bruce Boxleitner


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Love’s Everlasting Courage  A young family struggling to make it on a the western frontier decides to allow the wife to work at a seamstress shop. As things get better financially, the wife gets sick and passes away. With help from his parents the young father learns to deal with the tragic loss and threat of losing everything they worked so hard for.

Wholesome, Sweet Movie

Love’s Everlasting Courage  I love all of the movies based on Janette Oke’s Love Come Softly series. They are refreshingly clean. Free from cussing, blood guts and gore, sexual innuendos, and the list goes on. The children are respectful and are taught good moral values. The parents lead by example. They show how by working together, you can accomplish what seems impossible. They marry for love and forever ’til death do they part. Also, the stories teach when you lose someone you love it’s okay to love again, and welcome happiness back into your life. My daughter, niece have had marathons and watched all of the series while having a girls weekend. Now they want to know when we can do it again. I can’t say enough about how wonderful this series is.

Faith, Hope and Charity) Very Good Movie

Enjoy this movie with entire family. It’s about a family pulling together. A lot of good actor’s in the movie. FAITH is one thing Clark (Wes Brown) needs a lot of. Ellen (Julie Mond) has abundance of Faith that has pulled her thru tough times. Clark handled faith his way. HOPE was a big problem for Clark, as the water situation has become a big problem. Drought brought on a lot of problems. He could loose his land if there is no water. Everything seems to be going against him since Ellen took ill, and passed away from Scarlet fever. Clark found his life at a low and a loss. Missy (daughter) was his HOPE for his life to go on, and have a meaning. CHARITY , well Missy decided to help with chores. Cleaning was OK, but cooking needed help. Trying to prove to Clark, she could do this even proved to be even a bigger challenge. So when word got out that his house needed repaired from a fire, friends provided supplies to repair his house. From there water was found, and rain prevailed. Clark and Missy could go on. Buy this movie and watch it. This movie shows strength, heart and Love. Brenda.

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