Love In Another Town


Maggie’s (Victoria Principal) husband has met a 27 year old woman and wants a divorce after 22 years. Maggie moves back, starts working with her best friend as interior decorator and her first client is a 12 year younger handsome man. Starting over after a twenty-year marriage, she never expected to fall in love with another man. Is this a fling or the love of a lifetime?

ACTORS :  Victoria Principal, Adrian Pasdar, Mary Kay Place


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Love In Another Town  As she gets ready to go out with her husband, Mike (Terence Knox), for her birthday Maggie Sorrell (Victoria Principal – Dancing in the Dark) could not have anticipated what was coming as on Mike’s return he tells her that he has met someone else, someone younger, and plans to marry her. With the help from her friend, Sam (Mary Kay Place – Indecent Seduction), Maggie moves to another town and together they set up an interior design business. It is how Maggie meets, the handsome and younger, Jake (Adrian Pasdar – Near Dark), an architect who has left his cheating wife. And before long the sexual sparks begin to fly between them, but not with out complications and heart ache.

Adapted for TV from a Barbara Taylor Bradford novel, “Love in Another Town” is an as you expect romantic melodrama made for a specific demographic who gush over soft lit romance which almost has a fantasy, fairytale quality. It has all those typical romantic melodrama elements from numerous back lit scenes where the light cascades through windows as people kiss to the lip quivering moments just prior to a first kiss. And of course “Love in Another Town” has the requisite big dramatic scene come the end of the movie. But “Love in Another Town” with its May to December, age gap romantic storyline is an acquired taste which will be laughable if romantic melodrama isn’t your sort of thing.


This is a great film and has some of the nicest scenes

Love In Another Town  This film is one of the sexiest without being vulgar that I have seen in a long time. Adrian Pasdar does a marvelous job as the lover in the film. I wish the film was available for purchase. I would also like to see it on TV again for national viewing.

Estranged from his wife, Amy, Jake Cantrell feels his life has stalled as he approaches his twenty-ninth birthday. Seeking a divorce and distance, he has moved to the town of Kent, Connecticut, to concentrate on his new electrical contracting business. But at the first meeting of a local amateur theatrical group, he meets Maggie Sorrell, an interior designer who will be working with him on sets and lighting.

Charming, attractive, and fifteen years Jake’s senior, Maggie has also come to Kent fleeing a broken relationship—cruelly betrayed by her lawyer ex-husband and painfully out of touch with her two grown children. And as they begin renovations on an old farmhouse, Jake and Maggie find themselves drawn together by a powerful emotional need and falling in love—a love that will have to endure many obstacles and tragic circumstances to bloom gloriously in a small town.

Her Majesty Mrs. Brown

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