Hell Bound


Two Chicago cops (Chuck Norris, Calvin Levels) investigate a murder until they encounter an ancient demon.

ACTORS: Chuck Norris, Calvin Levels, Christopher Neame


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Hell Bound, During the Crusades, King Richard the Lionheart (David Robb) defeats the mythological emissary of Satan Prosatanos (Christopher Neame) and shatters his scepter in nine pieces that are kept in sacred places around the world. In the 50’s, grave robbers accidentally release Prosatanos from his tomb.

In the present days (1994), in Chicago, Sergeant Frank Shatter (Chuck Norris) and his partner Detective Calvin Jackson (Calvin Levels) investigate the murder of a rabbi in a cheap hotel that had his heart ripped off. Their only lead is a piece of the scepter and a card with the names of the Jewish marchand Krieger (Jack Adalist) and Professor Lockley. Shatter and Jackson are summoned by the Israeli Police for a hearing and Shatter decides to seek out Krieger and Lockley. They also meet the professor’s assistant Leslie (Sheree J. Wilson) that helps them and is attracted by Shatter. Soon Shatter and Jackson learn that they are dealing with a supernatural being and they are the last of mankind to avoid the Apocalypse.

“Hellbound” is an entertaining action film with the story of Satan’s emissary Prosatanos. The plot is violent but also very funny. The fight between Chuck Norris’ character and a demon is hilarious.

Chuck Norris in an effective supernatural thriller
this is a good,effective supernatural thriller with some light comedic elements combined.it is quite spooky and eerie.the basic outline is that 2 Chicago cops,Frank Shatter(Norris)and his partner Calvin Levels(Calvin Jackson)end up in Jerusalem(you’ll have to watch the movie) as past of a routine murder investigation that is anything but routine.in fact,the fate of the world may depend on them.Norris and Jackson have good chemistry as the 2 partners and work well off each other.the partners have differing opinions on just about everything,which provides some amusing moments.i like the idea of Chuck going up against someone who may not be easy to defeat.i thought the movie was very entertaining and Chuck was convincing in his role as was Jackson.Sheree J. Wilson also plays a pivotal role in the film.Christopher Neame puts in an outstanding performance as the villain.Overall,a better than average movie.worth watching.

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