Heaven With A Gun


In a frontier town, gunslinger-turned-preacher Jim Killian is caught in the middle of a violent range war between cattlemen and sheep-men.

ACTORS :  Glenn Ford, Carolyn Jones, Barbara Hershey


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Heaven With A Gun, In the small western town Vinegarroon the conflict between cattle and sheep breeders escalates. When a stranger appears in the town, the ranchers suspect he’s a gun man, hired by the sheep breeders. But Jim Killian turns out to be a priest – a tough one however, who soon shall make unscrupulous rancher Esa Beck’s life quite harder.

Excellent western–fine acting performances

Heaven With A Gun, Glenn Ford turns in a fine performance, contrary to what some have said. Who better to portray a reluctant hero, a reformed gunfighter/preacher? Clint Eastwood–John Wayne? Don’t be ridiculous. Ford is perfect for the part, just as Clint was perfect for the Man with No Name and Dirty Harry, and the Duke was perfect for the lead role in The Cowboys and True Grit. If you don’t like Glenn Ford, fine. But don’t belittle his acting. I’m a fan of Eastwood and Wayne, but Ford is a better actor than either. David Carradine turns in a top notch acting job also as a villain/foil to Ford as hero. True Western fans will appreciate this film.

This Is A “Must-see” Movie

I became a movie buff at age 13, (now 63), and would have crawled to the local theater over broken glass, to see any cowboy movie showing, if I had to. By the time I was 16 years of age, I was a devout Randolph Scott, Audie Murphy fan, but when I saw “Heaven With A Gun”, Glenn Ford instantly became my number 1 cowboy hero, and me old mates Randolph and Audie had to take a back seat. For me, due to the humble, yet determined character Glenn Ford played so beautifully, this movie offered some great moralistic encouragement, and at the same time, stimulated an enthusiasm to believe in myself against all odds and “stick to my guns”, as the expression goes. You will relate to this expression if you watch the movie. If anybody knows where I can buy this difficult-to-purchase movie, please let me know. (noel@youngnoel.com). I would do absolutely anything to add this movie to my collection. If you want to be truly entertained, this is a “Must-see” movie.

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