Man comes home to find that his wife has sold their ranch and run off with a Mexican revolutionary.

ACTORS :  Clint Walker, Stefanie Powers, Pedro Armendáriz Jr.


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Hardcase, Man comes home to find that his wife has sold their ranch and run off with a Mexican revolutionary.

good realism

Hardcase, Well done western, one of the early ‘Good guy is not so good’ characters. The scene where Walkers tries to stay awake by braiding a circle if thorns around his neck (so he doesn’t nod off) shows what a hard case he is. Alex Karras shows some football players CAN act, and Stephanie Powers makes for a pretty distraction. Walkers sheer size, and depth of voice make him a threat to the bad guys, and he handles himself very well, not like the muscle-bound movements you see in a lot of todays large actors. The films stars get dusty, dirty, hungry, thirsty, backaches, tired and trail sore. They don’t stay clean shaven, with shiny guns sweat-less shirts. Gritty, hard men in a unforgiving and uncompromising. Real hard cases.

Big Clint hits the small screen ………

This 1972 made-for TV western features big Clint Walker and Stephanie Powers in a tale of graft, corruption and survival on the western plains. The script, budget and casting in this one all seem to be pretty average……. a typical ’70’s TV movie.

Clint Walker was always in his element in a western and he turns in his usual interesting performance here. Powers is beautiful and talented and their chemistry together here is pretty good.

While western fans will enjoy this one, it does not measure up to the Clint Walker films of the ’50’s and 60’s. I guess “they don’t make them like that any more ………”

Good and realistic

This was a good movie – The 70’s music was not the best. Was well acted and we would recommend it. We love Clint Walker – Great guy!! However (not a spoiler) it didn’t end the way we wanted it to end; but it was good & realistic none-the-less.

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