For Love Or Money


Doug’s a concierge at a luxury hotel on Manhattan. He saves all his tips towards his plan for a hotel. A potential investor seduces the girl, Doug loves, with false promises of leaving his wife. Doug’s dilemma: hotel project or girl?

ACTORS : Michael J. Fox, Gabrielle Anwar, Anthony Higgins


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For Love Or Money, Doug is a young man who works all day as a concierge at a luxurious hotel, saving money to make his own business. Unfortunately, when he finds the financial supporter he needs, he discovers that his “savior” is having an affair with the woman he loves. Now, he must choose between money and love.

Wonderful, heartfelt, sincere… underrated!

For Love Or Money, I can’t understand why this film gets such a low rating on IMDb. It’s got everything – love, romance, dream, struggle, deception, insecurity, fear, and hope. Its happy ending comes from the heart, not from the formula. Part of the reason the movie works so well is the screenplay which has got it right at all the right points. Some people say it’s not “funny” enough, well, as far as I am concerned, for the genre of romantic comedy, it’s very humorous (my personal favorite line is “how did my secretary get here?” – priceless!!).

Second, the sincere and very endearing performances of the cast. The WHOLE cast. As for the lead, “Concierge” happens to be my favorite MJF’s film. He is so natural in this, it doesn’t even feel like he is acting. Gabrielle Anwar gives a pretty solid performance as well, and the chemistry between Andy and Doug is overwhelming. Well, pretty much every character is well written and acted and stands out on his/her own – Mr. Drinkwater, Milton, Mr. Himmelman, Julian Russel, Mr. Wegman… I find the Doug-Wegman plot line particularly dear and I shed a couple of tears every time Mr. Wegman tells Doug he is going to invest the money and make Doug’s dream come true.

I also think this movie has one of the best turning points (or one-hour crisis points) ever. Again, my heart starts beating faster every time when Doug tells Andy about the hotel of his dreams as he narrates the unfortunate story of his father. “I am not going to be a 59 year old bellhop”, says Doug. “Concierge”… – corrects him, Andy. The roles are reversed here before Doug had insisted to be called “concierge” instead of “bellhop” and now Andy calls him that. We see how, for the first time, Andy realizes that Doug is not her lover’s “puppet”, but an individual, a person with great hope and a great dream.

Overall, it’s a wonderful family film to watch on a rainy day, right between “The Apartment” and “Sideways”. Well, you can enjoy it even you haven’t got a family. It still works.

9 to 5

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