A slightly self absorbed yuppie takes in his parents including his senile father, after their home burns down. But his personal and professional life fall apart soon after.

ACTORS : Tom Selleck, Don Ameche, Anne Jackson


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Folks!, Jon has it all, great job, beautiful wife and kids, and a dream house. But when his father, who is a little senile, burns his house trailer down while his mother is in the hospital, Jon brings his parents to live with him. Soon his wife goes home to mother, he’s fired for suspicion of insider trading, his sister and her unruly kids get booted out by her boyfriend, and moves in, he’s about to be evicted, and his assets are frozen. How could things get any worse?

Terrific movie, enjoyable to the last drop!

Folks!, I don’t BUY many movies, once you’ve seen them, then what? But this is one that I bought! This one I palm off on house guests that are bored with playing pinochle. And I have watched it over and over as other members of the family watch it, and I enjoy it just as much as the first time! Don Ameche did a wonderful job on this one, Selleck also, and both pulled the comedy off just right. Yes, I believe that a guy like Selleck could have that much bad luck in the movie! (We are asked to believe much more than that sometimes!) And I think Amache was hilarious with his Alzheimer’s schtick! And I did have a grandfather that suffered with it, so climb off me on that point. It’s like watching somebody take a pratfall… and who hasn’t smiled at one of those?

One of the top ten funniest movies ever.

Poor Tom Selleck’s character provides the viewer with an endless string of laughs (and groans). His relationship with his parents is one that almost everyone can identify with in a loving, but humorous way. Throughout the movie there are funny events that I can see coming but am helpless to warn Selleck about. Also, there are several twists and turns that delight the viewer. All in all, a great comedy.


Finnegan Begin Again

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