Female on the Beach


Moving into a beach house involves Lynn Markham in mystery, danger, and romance with a beach boy of dubious motives.

ACTORS :  Joan Crawford, Jeff Chandler, Jan Sterling 


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Female on the Beach, Lynn Markham moves into her late husband’s beach house…the morning after former tenant Eloise Crandall fell (or was pushed) from the cliff. To her annoyance, Lynn finds both her real estate agent and Drummond Hall, her muscular beachcomber neighbor, making themselves quite at home. Lynn soon has no doubts of what her scheming neighbors are up to, but she finds Drummond’s physical charms hard to resist. And she still doesn’t know what really happened to Eloise.

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Female on the Beach, This is a terrific soaper in the grand style! Joan Crawford is SUPERB as Lynn Markham,arm-candy widow of a wealthy man,whose house has been the scene of another wealthy woman’s death.She falls for the dead woman’s gigolo/prime murder suspect and he for her….but is he a killer? This is a GREAT movie,featuring a stellar Crawford performance as well as a terrific turn by Jeff Chandler as the boy-toy who may be a dangerous game indeed!

Where did this movie go?!?

I’ve seen this film exactly twice on TV late at night. If it isn’t in print anywhere (it doesn’t appear to be currently) it should be. Joan is at her campy, over-the-top best in this bizarre story of a woman, her love interest, and a couple truly strange neighbors (one of whom would later become “Lovey” on Gilligan’s Island). The dialog alone is enough to make it worth seeing. Jeff Chandler is at his studly best too. So much of Joan’s work is out on DVD and hopefully this film will be too some day. If you’re a Crawford fan and you’ve never seen Female on the Beach (get a load of that title!) you’ll be thrilled by this seemingly “lost” movie. You can’t beat a film with a line like, “I wouldn’t have you if you were hung with diamonds upside down!”

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