Cloud Waltzing


Journalist Meredith Tolliver is sent to do a story on wealthy wine vineyard owner Francois De Paul. Francois is a mysterious, gentle man who never talks about his personal life and seems to be hiding a secret. Meredith is a woman determined to get a story on him like no one has ever written-including an in-depth story on his personal life. Meredith is determined to become a fantastic journalist, even if it’s against her rich domineering fathers wishes. With Francois love, he’ll help her overcome her own secret, and she’ll help him overcome his.

ACTORS :  Kathleen Beller, François-Eric Gendron, Paul Maxwell,

YEAR OF RELEASE : 1987    LANGUAGE :  English    RUN TIME : 107 Min

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A Slow Waltz

Cloud Waltzing, Whilst her father wishes for her to stay with him and work on Wall Street Meredith Tolliver (Kathleen Beller) is determined to strike out on her own as a journalist and that leads her to France where she is determined to get an interview with the reclusive François De Paul (François-Eric Gendron) and not just some dry business piece but an interview which gets to show the real François is. But whilst hard work to get him to open up Meredith begins to get to know the real François and understand why he is so secretive whilst he also gets to understand Meredith and her secrets including her domineering father.

I shouldn’t need to say it considering “Cloud Waltzing” is a Harlequin romantic melodrama from the 1980s but there will be some who don’t realise how slushy the romance in these sort of movies get so be prepared for full on romantic slush. And to be honest whilst “Cloud Waltzing” is painfully slow going through out the whole movie the romance which starts to form between Meredith and François is quite pleasant because they are characters with issues. We see how for Meredith her controlling father has lead to her trying to have control of certain things such as how much she eats whilst François resents that his purpose in life was to inherit the family estate. Yes there is some depth to this with Meredith having issues with her body but it only adds a little depth to what is predominantly a typical romantic drama which you can guess how it will end as soon as it starts.

Love With The Perfect Stranger

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