“When a group of archaeologists who worship Ancient Egypt obtain a sample of Cleopatra’s DNA – the results are startling. Working diligently these scientists attempt to bring back to life the beautiful Cleopatra. Renowned for her sexual appetites, the modern world will never be the same again. Set in both Ancient Egypt and the contemporary world, with scenes filmed in Luxor, Cairo, and Naples, this is one Private feature you won’t soon forget. From the director of the Private Gladiator, shot on location among the pyramids of Egypt and a stone’s throw from the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, Private’s ‘Cleopatra’ takes us from the turbulent and sexually charged world of ancient Egypt to the present day as Antonio Adamo leads us on a torrid trip through time in the company of some of the most tempting talent imaginable.”

ACTORS :Julia Taylor, Mick Blue, Laura Angel,


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Cleopatra : Storyline

Antonio Adamo, the man behind Private’s successful Gladiator trilogy is blasting into the past once again with Cleopatra, a movie that both covers the historical aspects of the Egyptian queen’s life, but also sets up a story set in the present day with a group of archeologists who want to clone the famous ruler.

The movie begins in Alexandria in 51 B.C., where Julius Caesar (Robert Rosenberg) has arrived to declare his love for Cleopatra (Julia Taylor). The first sex scene of the film is between Julia and Robert, and it includes reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, doggy and even a little titty-fucking.

While Caesar and Cleopatra are clearly in love with each other, Octavius (Steve Hooper) worries that Rome will suffer while Julius is away. He despises the fact that Caesar is ignoring both his empire and his wife back home suffer, and he tells his feelings to one of Cleopatra’s assistants, played by Sandra Russo. After a scene where Steve and Sandra get it on, Steve walks in on a mini-orgy taking place between Robert, a redheaded girl named Lucky, Jessica May and Cleopatra – a sexual romp that started when Julius finds Cleopatra getting licked out by Jessica, and Cleopatra urges him to make out with Lucky while she watches…because it turns her on. When Steve arrives, he starts making out with Jessica, while Robert is busy with Lucky across the room. Meanwhile, Julia is masturbating as she watches the two couples get it on.

Octavius returns to Rome to tell Julius’ wife (played by Rita Faltoyano) what is going on in Egypt, and soon Octavius is “comforting” Rita by giving it to her hard and fast. Mick Blue arrives on the scene chastising Octavius for taking advantage of Julius’ wife…but he can’t hold out for long and his lust gets the better of him, joining in for a threesome that includes Rita getting double penetrated and being on the receiving end of a pair of facials at the scene’s conclusion.

Back in Alexandra, Julius begins to worry about his empire and decides to head back to Rome, not long afterwards, one of Cleopatra’s fortune tellers passes along the sad news: Julius Caesar is dead.

The movie then jumps ahead to present day and introduces us to an archeological team (headed up by Mick Blue and Robert Rosenberg, who get dual roles in this movie) who are looking to clone Cleopatra and believe they have found her hidden tomb. This is where director Adamo, who has limited viewers to sets and special effects up until this point in the film, gives us some great visuals of modern-day Cairo – including some of the ancient ruins and a glorious shot of his lead actors riding in front of the pyramids on camels.

The search for Cleopatra’s tomb leads Mick, Robert and blonde-haired Bobbi Eden (who winds up distracting one of the local authorities with a blowjob…so it was a good move bringing her along!) descend into a tomb and discover the mummified remains of the long-dead queen. After pulling some skin off of her for their cloning experiments, the group makes their escape…but we’ll have to wait until Part Two is released to see what happens next!

The only real downside to this DVD is in the extras department. Unlike Private’s release of the first Gladiator movie, which included the bonus disc in the initial release, Private is holding back all the bonus features for a special edition to be released a few months down the road. So, the only bonus features you’ll see on this disc are five trailers for other Private titles.

However, regardless of whether you pick up this version or want to wait and pick up the collector’s edition later this year, this is another well-made epic from Antonio Adamo. By adding a modern-day story to the historical one, Adamo has really made two films here, and the result should draw in fans of both period pieces and those who like a touch of science-fiction and fantasy in their adult films. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in Part Two!

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