Cattle Town


Post-civil-war Texas sells lands to wealthy Northerners but some of them are crooks bent on cheating the locals, prompting an investigation headed by the governor’s envoy.

ACTORS :  Dennis Morgan, Philip Carey, Amanda Blake


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Following the Civil War, the state of Texas, needing money, sells land to a syndicate of northerners headed by Judd Hastings (Ray Teal). When Hastings demands the land, and the squatters refuses to vacate, the governor sends Mike McGann (Dennis Morgan) to settle the issues. Eventually, McGann gets the ranchers to move on to other areas with their cattle, which Hastings also covets. McGann also falls in love with Hastings’ daughter, Marian

Amiable western is Morgans Warner swansong

I despair of seeing many rare vintage films on TCM UK.So i was very surprised to find this entertaining western in a midweek afternoon schedule.Dennis Morgan here becomes the standard singing cowboy.He must have known that the writing was on the wall when Warner’s cast him in this film.However that was probably more to do with their desire to cut down their list of contracted actors.Morgan is supported in the comic sidekick role by George O ‘Hanlon,of the Joe McDoakes series.There is a lot of action in a routine plot and Dennis takes every opportunity to sing a song.Its no classic but it is well worth a view if TCM ever show it again.


Toward a Noble Swansong

 He rides, he romances, he’s fast with his fists and–best of all–bursts into song at the drop of a hat, displaying a formidable Irish tenor. It’s talented and quite beloved Dennis Morgan, nearing the end of a lengthy film career.

The story’s about the governor of Texas who sends Cowboy Morgan to keep the peace between ranchers and a land baron. After many film roles from heavy dramas to light comedies, Dennis still looks good and plays his hero role with substantial conviction.

Morgan gets to sing more songs and in more varied situations than you could shake a stick at, and even his adversaries seem to have their savage beasts tamed by this cowboy’s melodious strains.

The film isn’t ever going to win any prizes; it’s just interesting and enjoyable to see and hear one who was born to be a star go through these western paces before riding off to the sunset. Also of special interest is a young (and most attractive) Rita Moreno in an early–and of course Mexican–role.

Cattle King


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