Cattle King


A rich landowner of Wyoming fights to prevent the Texas herds from trampling his rich meadows.

ACTORS :  Robert Taylor, Robert Loggia, Joan Caulfield


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Cattle King, It’s 1883 in the Wyoming Territory. Sam Brassfield owns and operates the Teton cattle ranch alongside his foreman and housekeeper, husband and wife Ed and Ruth Winters, and his right hand man, a Mexican named Johnny Quatro, who likes his señoritas a little too much. He took in his now young adult nephew and niece, Webb and June Carter, upon the unfortunate circumstances concerning their parents, Webb who is learning to be ranch hand, his hotheadedness which often gets in the way. Sam is trying to do ranching differently, having a closed range of his own land as a more sustainable method. He erecting fences to keep other cattle out does not sit well with many of his neighboring ranchers, especially his former mentor, Clay Mathews, a Texas cattle baron who wants that open range all the way from Texas to the Canada border. Sam believes Clay’s self interest is driven by he having purchased too many cattle for what his own land can support, he wanting eventually to oversupply the market …

Its a good western

Cattle King, The only fault I can find is with the premise of the film … to prevent the territory from becoming a cattle expressway to Canada … that makes no sense at all because the cattle market is in Chicago … I also find it damn near impossible to travel by horseback from the Tetons or even lander for that matter to Cheyenne in one day … perhaps from Laramie to Cheyenne … being a cattle baron is a risky business because you have to fight off the elements, rustlers, and the buyers that give low prices… not to mention the crooked cattleman’s association … the railroad is rarely used to ship cattle now because it’s done cheaper and faster by truckers … the president is in Wyoming to visit Yellowstone national park which is at least 6 days travel from Cheyenne … it’s okay, Hollywood can make anything happen overnight

Cattle Town

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