Cast A Long Shadow


A young man without surname inherits a big indebted ranch and has to prove his worthiness managing a cattle drive

ACTORS :  Audie Murphy, Terry Moore, John Dehner


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Cast A Long Shadow, Matt Brown is a penniless drunk who gets into brawls often times. He also plays poker when he has money. During a fight over a poker game, Matt is saved by Chip Donahue, the foreman of the Keenan ranch. Chip tels Matt that old man Jake Keenan died and he left his 87,000 acre ranch and fortune to Matt. Keenan had no family other than his illegitimate son, Matt. Whilst he was alive, old man Keenan never recognized Matt as his son and also treated Matt’s mother very badly. Back at the ranch in Lobos, New Mexico, Matt rekindles his relationship with his former girlfriend, Janet Calvert. They decide to marry, despite her brothers’ reluctance to accept Matt and in spite of Sam Mullen’s advances toward Janet. Her brothers would rather see her marry Sam Mullen than Matt. When Janet’s mother gives her blessings to Matt, things calm down and a celebration starts. Meanwhile, Chip Donahue the ranch foreman, discovers bank documents in the ranch’s safe.

One of the most unknown movie of Audie Murphy !!

Cast A Long Shadow, Maybe the most unknown picture that Audie Murphy offerings to us, a bad temper guy wanderer which is running from is rough father, his name is Matt, until be found by the loyal foreman (Dehner) that his father already has dead and surprisingly he left to him the big farm, the young drunkard don’t want to be rancher again, The foreman has a fair proposition, many employers has 20.000 dollars to offer to all lands, Matt accept at once, but has to go back to sign the papers, there he was seen with sneering by so many people, just a useless booze, in such atmosphere he refused to sell their lands anymore, meanwhile his father left a bank’s debit a large sum of money that must to pay in few days, the answer will be sell all cattle at Santa Fé, Matt becomes in few days likes his father, cruel, bossy and has no feelings concerning those employers, who work so hard for countless years, this picture has an contradiction, the sudden changing in just few days of a man, sounds weird in such behavior, the major fact will be reveal in the cattle’s journey, a minor picture of Murphy, but still interesting due such greatness of this charismatic cowboy, pay attention on John Dehner, he was a key of the all things!!

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