Cannon for Cordoba


In 1916, when a Mexican rebel steals cannons from the American army, General Pershing sends out a group of misfits to retrieve the stolen weapons. They aimed him at Cordoba’s fortress, and pulled the trigger! The army followed, to pick up the pieces!

ACTORS :  George Peppard, Giovanna Ralli, Raf Vallone


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Cannon for Cordoba  In 1916, a Mexican rebel named Cordoba steals six cannons from the forces of General Pershing who’s been sent to bring order to the Texas-Mexico border. Pershing assigns a soldier named Rod Douglas to retrieve the cannons. Douglas recruits a trio of misfits and they, along with a Mexican officer and an enigmatic woman, travel 200 miles south to Cordoba’s mountain fortress. Explosions and gun battles soon erupt.

” The revolution was made for people without direction, now they have several ”

Cannon for Cordoba  Once you sit down to see this film ” A Cannon for Cordoba ” you get the feeling it’s going to be a great. The reason? The film begins with a rousing score by noted composer Elmer Bernstein who gave us such memorable themes as ‘The Great Escape and the Magnificent Seven.’ Indeed, when you read the opening credits headlining the cast is none other than George Peppard as Capt. Rod Douglas, you know it’s going to have action and lot’s of it. Furthermore when you see actor John Russel playing General John J. Pershing, you know you’re in for a heroic saga. The story is taken from the annals of the Mexican revolution and involves the U.S. in a border town dispute with the Mexican bandits who cross the Rio Grande in the early 1900s. Among the most brazen of the rebel leaders is General Cordova (Raf Vallone). With his army of Mexican revolutionaries, he attacks Pershing, kills his men and steals some valuable artillery pieces. Since the United States Army cannot enter Mexico legally, Capt. Douglas is sent on what is slated a suicide mission, without orders and without aid from Pershing. His mission is to retrieve the Cannons, destroy a rebel stronghold and bring Cordova back alive. Selecting the roughest, toughest, most experienced, certainly the most insolent men available, Douglas enters Mexico and attacks the nearly impregnable fortress. Dramatic action follows, as does lots of explosive excitement. If one is asks for criticism, I would say the choice of heavies. Vallone and John Larch are not very menacing. Not so with the men who side with Peppard. Pete Duel and Don Gordon (Who is superb.) Nevertheless, this movie is recommended as good viewing.


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