Bullet For A Badman


Former Texas Rangers Sam Ward and Logan Keliher become enemies when Sam turns bank robber and Logan marries Sam’s ex-wife.

ACTORS :  Audie Murphy, Darren McGavin, Ruta Lee


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Murphy plays ex-lawman who must strap on the guns again to catch a former nemesis, McGavin, who happens to be the ex husband of Murphy’s wife and father of the boy that believes he’s Murphy’s son.

” Classic Audie Murphy ”

Bullet for a Badman offers a decent storyline along with a sufficient amount of action to keep this story moving at a good pace. Interesting characters are the key to this film, and Audie Murphy gives a solid performance playing an ex-lawman, married to a woman who has a young son. Murphy’s character is obliged to pick up his gun and go after an outlaw who was once a friend. Darren McGavin plays the outlaw who was once married to Murphy’s wife and the boy is his son. The story follows Murphy and a posse tracking down McGavin who has committed a robbery, and he also holds a grudge against Murphy for raising his son as his own. The posse contains an excellent mixture of characters all well portrayed and lovely actress Ruta Lee adds some interest playing Mcgavin’s girl. Add some hostile Apaches, some shoot outs, some twists and turns among the characters along with beautiful scenery, and Bullet for a Badman comes off as a satisfying western. Not a classic film, but very classic Audie Murphy, and thats good enough for me.
Top Western with characters too realistic for modern audiences
 This Western might be best described as a “motley posse” Western. The irony here is that Audie Murphy’s other famous posse Western, POSSE FROM HELL, probably sums up this posse just as well.

There are other similarities. Both posses are filled with very credible characters. The big difference here is Audie’s character. In POSSE FROM HELL he played more of a Hollywood cliché, another of those rebels without a cause sorts who are angry for exactly no reason.

Here, he plays a more believable character, a mature man more in tune with the realities of the old West. Purists may grumble about the lack of dust and sweat on these colorful props and clothes, but there are two chief reasons for this spectacular style of cinematography. First, is it’s artistic, of course. Secondly, and what we see is a problem later in the “dust and dirt” Westerns, is there is less confusion. The film is supposed to tell a story. With the vivid spectacle, we know what is going on. The trouble with showing what the characters see is that we don’t know what is going on. Okay, the dork who pauses and magnifies each frame, he knows, but sane, mature people will refuse to do this.

The characters make this a superior Western, no doubt about it. Murphy is a “stepfather” whose son doesn’t know his real father is not only an escaped convicted killer, but that he was once a Texas Ranger along with the stepfather.

Apache Rifles

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