Broken Arrow


Tom Jeffords tries to make peace between settlers and Apaches in Arizona territory.

ACTORS  : James Stewart, Jeff Chandler, Debra Paget


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Broken Arrow, By 1870, there has been 10 years of cruel war between settlers and Cochise’s Apaches. Ex-soldier Tom Jeffords saves the life of an Apache boy and starts to wonder if Indians are human, after all; soon, he determines to use this chance to make himself an ambassador. Against all odds, his solitary mission into Cochise’s stronghold opens a dialogue. Opportunely, the president sends General Howard with orders to conclude peace. But even with Jeffords’s luck, the deep grievance and hatred on both sides make tragic failure all too likely.


“Go now. Ride the White Horse . . . “

Broken Arrow, ” . . . to your Secret Place.” So Tom Jeffords takes a breather from his archery lessons by Apache Chief Cochise to take some “Me Time” with his bride, Sonseeahray, at their honeymoon Wikiup that she’d built. But it would take nearly a century for the U.S. Supreme Court to declare mixed-race marriages legal in America, so the Red State One Per Centers–shouting “God made Adam and Eve, NOT Adam and Sonseeahreeve!”–begin taking potshots at the happy couple while the scabs on their hands from the wedding ceremony are still crusty.

You just know that a marital union is getting off on the wrong foot when the bride is sporting a through-and-through belly would during Week One. Young kids today often question why all 887 Tribal Nations enumerated in the 1490 Western Hemispheric Census “surrendered” to the One Per Center Fat Cats “just visiting” from Europe.

“Isn’t even ONE of the 887 making a stand against these Nazi forefathers today?” they ask incredulously. BROKEN ARROW illustrates why “Indian Reservations” in the U.S. and elsewhere are “Sovereign Nations” in name only. Though there may be tiny pockets of free range people scattered across South America’s Rain Forests, Mr. Dollar continues to hold every man, woman, and child in the U.S. hostage.

The Oscar-nominated writer of BROKEN ARROW had to work under an assumed name to avoid being lynched by the Mad Dog Monied Interests of 1950.


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