Blind Man


After fifty mail-order brides are kidnapped by bandits, the blind gunfighter hired to escort them heads into Mexico in pursuit.

ACTORS  : Tony Anthony, Ringo Starr, Lloyd Battista


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Blind Man, (Tony Anthony) is a blind gunfighter who rides a seeing-eye horse, Boss. He is contracted for $50,000 to provide safe transport for 50 European mail-order brides who have asked miners in Lost Creek, Texas for their hands in marriage. But his business partner Skunk (Renato Romano) betrays him by allowing Domingo (Lloyd Battista), a Mexican bandit, to kidnap the women for his own purposes. Blindman heads into Mexico in pursuit, where he discovers that Domingo and his sister Sweet Mama (Magda Konopka) are using the women as a lure for an Army General (Raf Baldassarre) whom they intend to hold for ransom alongside the brides. With the aid of Pilar (Agneta Eckemyr), the unwitting object of Domingo’s brother Candy’s (Sir Ringo Starr) affections, “El General”, Boss and many, many sticks of dynamite, our anti-hero stops at nothing to get even with Domingo and his siblings and deliver on his contract.


Why did they only make one of these?

Blind Man,I have seen more movies about blind people with weapons than anyone else on the face of the Earth. I have seen Zatoichi, Crimson Bat, Rutger Haur and a Japanese video that was a mixture of the odd and the jaw-droppingly stupid. I’ve been waiting for this to come out on DVD for a while.

This was a fantastic movie.Blind Man, A blind gunfighter fights and wipes out an entire gang of bandits who have kidnapped some mail order brides that he was supposed to escort. The blind man has the mannerisms and humbleness of Zatoichi, but the man-hunter business-sense of Crimson Bat. He isn’t pretty, but he is stone cold…and he has an affection for dynamite.

The scenes are shot well in this movie. The opening scene, Blindman in a ghost town with his seeing-eye horse, let’s you know that the director took this movie seriously. Frankly, I think it could’ve been a recurring character. The mix of humor and action was refreshing in an Italian western.

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