Battle Of Rouge River


In Oregon, the Army is ordered to negotiate peace with the Indians but unscrupulous businessmen, who profiteered during the conflict, secretly sabotage the peace process. THE LAW OF THE LAST FRONTIER…FIGHT OR DIE!

ACTORS : G eorge Montgomery, Richard Denning, Martha Hyer


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Battle Of Rouge River  The Indians, under Chief Mike, have been defeating the Army in Oregon for years. The new commander, Major Archer, plans to defeat the Indians once and for all, but his orders are changed to attempt a peaceful settlement. But there are certain people who do not want Oregon to become a state and they will attempt to keep the Indians on the war path.

Mighty Despicable Treason

Battle Of Rogue River is fought by George Montgomery as a newly arrived major in the Oregon territory who is charged to bringing the Indians under Chief Mike down and when that’s done the path to admission as a state will be smooth. A very important issue for many reasons, those expressed in the film and with the Civil War looming another free state in the union. Curious that that fact was never brought up in the film.

Montgomery finds the discipline lax at the fort and soon puts that to right. As for the Indians and the tribe is never mentioned it is probably the Shoshone and they’ve been causing havoc the way Cochise and the Apaches were in Arizona. It’s either beat them or deal with them.

His new orders opt for the latter, but some sinister forces have their own reasons for keeping Oregon wild and free. They pull some mighty despicable treason to do it.

Evenly matched against Montgomery is frontier girl Martha Hyer who’s full of sass, she’s the daughter of the post sergeant Emory Parnell. And leader of the civilian militia Richard Denning has more than a passing interest in her.

Battle Of Rogue River is produced by Sam Katzman who over at Monogram Pictures never saw the kind of budget this B western had. A good western it’s still the kind of item that was showing up frequently on the small screen for free. Battle Of Rouge River

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