A Bullet Is Waiting


After crashing their small plane in the wilderness, a sheriff deputy and his prisoner take shelter at an isolated farm. Explosive and overpowering hate and drama in the High Sierras!

ACTORS :  Rory Calhoun, Jean Simmons, Stephen McNally


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A Bullet Is Waiting  A policeman and his prisoner survive the crash of the plane in the mountains in which they were traveling. They seek shelter in the lonely hut of a man and his daughter…

Worth a Look

A Bullet Is Waiting  There is a very good print of this film out on DVD. It is a somewhat odd little film, a modern western, a confined setting, but it does have items of interest. There are only 4 actors in the movie and for most of it, only 3. This creates an interesting dynamic between the players. Then there is the beautiful scenic location, which is not a Hollywood “set”, and is excellently photographed. The actors are very watchable, and Simmons and Calhoun make a good couple. This is a passable western, not a great one. The dialogue is okay and did not have many moments to make you wince. The story line is terrific, but there is a lack of real tension that makes the film drag at times. However, the real problem is the ending. It ends a little too pat, a little too safe, a little too Hollywood. Overall it is better than many such B films, and does manage to maintain interest throughout.

Jean makes this worth seeing

Not a western but an entertaining if improbable drama set in an isolated area in the west. Jean Simmons is full of guarded, wounded vulnerability, a very fine actress. She and Rory Calhoun make a surprisingly simpatico pairing. Stephen McNally’s character is rather one note, a more distinctive actor could have perhaps fleshed it out but it doesn’t hurt the film. Makes some observations about a man’s true nature even if he has committed a criminal act. Brian Donlevy shows up near the end to act as a sort of catalyst for the resolution and is fine as always but the picture could have done without him. Not a classic but a solid film.

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