10 Violent Women


Eight women miners get fed up with their lifestyle and decide to try crime. After successfully pulling off a jewelry store robbery, they are busted by narcs when they try to buy cocaine.

ACTORS :  Sherri Vernon, Dixie Lauren, Sally Alice Gamble


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10 Violent Women : Storyline

10 Violent Women, A group of women miners get fed up with their lifestyle and decide to try crime. After successfully pulling off a jewelry store robbery, they fail to sell the jewelry and are forced to trade the jewels for cocaine. Soon they are busted by undercover cops when they try to sell the drugs, sending four of the women to a prison where a butch head guard uses the prisoners for her own deviant pleasures. Eventually they break out and split up. A Shah, who lost his priceless Scarab ring in the original robbery, tracks it to the two remaining women and offers them an employment opportunity. Director Ted Mikels appears as Leo the Fence, who is killed by one of the women who stomps him repeatedly with her spiked heel.

A decent film of its type.


10 Violent Women, A troupe of young ladies get fed up with their jobs and a moronic, grunting-pig co-worker, and decide to embark on a life of crime. Pulling off the theft of roughly $1,000,000 worth of jewels, they turn to a fence to try to get rid of the gems. But he insists on a trade instead of a cash deal, and they end up with a few bags worth of heroin. Later, the leader of the gang drunkenly tries to unload the drugs – but the buyers turn out to be undercover cops! Thus, the whole gang ends up in stir, where after repeated abuse from the head guard (Georgia Morgan), they plot an escape.

“Ten Violent Women” is one of those trash films that tries to have it both ways, acting as both exploitation and female empowerment. It runs through its paces adequately, but is of no distinction. Making up for the lack of finesse displayed by filmmaker Ted V. Mikels is a largely female cast who deliver enthusiastic (if not particularly competent) performances. The antagonists are especially noteworthy, with Morgan as the kind of authority figure who lusts after some of her inmates and is willing to do favors provided the inmates accommodate her. Also amusing is the very butch Jane Farnsworth as a Bible-thumping guard. Mikels himself appears on screen in a brief supporting role as the sleazy fence, whose comeuppance involves being stomped to death. Sally Alice Gamble is a hoot as the fierce but none-too-bright Sheila, the aforementioned chief instigator.

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