This page details what happens when you make your purchase and when you will receive your download link.

After making your purchase through PayPal you will receive the download link but it will not be immediate like other sites.

WHY IS THIS SO? : To have Terrabytes of Film (DVD) files stored on a remote server is a very expensive monthly cost. Rareandcollectible maintain there own server and each order has to be manually processed. Because of different time zones, the order may be received after we close for the day. Downloads are normally sent within 12 hours.

Once we upload the file to our file transfer provider it is immediately sent to you as an email. When you open your email the download link is there for you to activate and within minutes you will be looking at your film selection When you open your email you will see this screen. Click on the Download button (Highlighted in the red box)

HOW TO DOWNLOAD Rare & Collectible DVDs & Movies

Just follow the prompts and you will soon be enjoying your purchase.

It is important that you have a file designated on your hard drive to store your downloads and you know what the files name is so you can easily retrieve it.