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Ten Thousand Bedrooms

Ten Thousand Bedrooms

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Ten Thousand Bedrooms  In this musical-comedy, Dean Martin plays an American hotel mogul who becomes smitten with a young Italian woman (Anna Maria Alberghetti) when buying a hotel in Rome. To marry this gal, he has to get her three older sisters married off.

Not great, but better than its given credit for

Ten Thousand Bedrooms  For those of us who admire Dean Martin, this is a rather famous film — the one that almost sank his career after splitting with Jerry Lewis. It was a flop, and I agree it’s just a “pretty good” movie. But as I watched it this time around I tried to figure out why it just didn’t come together.

I don’t think it’s the general plot — a rich hotel mogul falls in love with an Italian girl…well, actually two Italian girls…sisters. And, their papa insists they be married in order of their age. I can see that, although some of the ins and outs of the story are a little…well…a bit of a waste. The story could have been told better.

And, we’ve got a pretty good cast here, too — Dino, Anna Maria Alberghetti, Eva Bartok, and Walter Slezak. And pretty good scenery, with significant parts of the movie filmed on location in Rome. A producer and director who both had any number of successes in film history. Dean’s two primary songs — “You, I Love” and “Only Trust Your Heart” are decent songs for the late 1950s, although his Capitol recordings of the songs are better than the soundtrack versions.

I think in addition to some scenes that should have been deleted or completely rewritten, that the other sisters should have had their characters developed just a bit more, and without question, the pace of the film should have been picked up quite a bit.

I disagree with a number of our reviewers who see this as a failed romantic COMEDY. I don’t think it is a comedy…although perhaps that’s what the public wanted to see Dean doing right after his decade with Jerry Lewis. Instead, this is a romantic musical film.

It’s worth watching, though admittedly it’s a bit weak. But then again, so are lots of films. This one is “okay”, and quite interesting (historically) for fans of Dean Martin.

Rio Rita

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