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One Night Of Love

One Night Of Love

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One Night Of Love  Mary Barrett is an aspiring Opera singer who is taken under the wings of a famous operatic maestro, Guilio Monterverdi. After spending endless working hours together and arguing, their relationship develops into love. But, jealousy and misunderstandings prevent Mary and Guilio from acknowledging their true feelings.

User Reviews

Amazing Grace Moore

One Night Of Love  After losing a radio contest, operatic singer Grace Moore (as Mary Barrett) decides to go to Italy and perfect her craft. Already quite impressive, she uses her vocal skills to win friends and influence the rent-collecting landlady. Working at a café, Ms. Moore meets singing maestro Tullio Carminati (as Giulio Monteverdi) and agrees to become his pupil. They move in together but agree not to have sex. “Business and love do not mix,” asserts Mr. Carminati, who relinquished himself of attractive Mona Barrie (as Lally) when she wanted to make love…

The rejected woman re-enters the picture and handsome Lyle Talbot (as Bill Houston) is also around. He would like to marry Moore. All of this fluff is meant to showcase Moore, who acquits herself well after some less than blockbuster films for MGM. Moore received an “Oscar” nomination for her starring role. The “Academy” and “New York Times” also lauded co-star Carminati and director Victor Schertzinger. Moore’s closing number is a highlight.

One of the Best Musicals of the ’30s

This is my second viewing and it still remains one of the greatest musicals I have seen. I would definitely put it in my top ten favorite musicals of all-time. “One Night of Love” is not just a bubbly Grace Moore vehicle – it’s a classic example of elegant 30s musical made with vigor and conviction. One viewing just won’t do to fully enjoy it.

Exuberantly directed by Victor Schertzinger with some lavish sets, “One Night of Love” takes us into the enchanting world of opera, with all its joys and pleasures, difficulties and heartbreaks. Moore previously made two MGM movies, both of which were commercial disappointments. Then in 1934, Columbia Pictures gave the famed opera diva another chance; to their surprise, it scored a huge success and was ultimately nominated for some Oscars.

The film genially mixes popular ballads and grand opera. Moore is very beautiful and is endowed with a strong, haunting, and remarkably talented opera voice. In this film, Moore is aided by Tullio Carminati who plays her mentor and romantic interest. Her final performance at the Metropolitan Grand Opera packs a stirring punch.

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